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New York Guitar Method Ensemble Book One

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New York Guitar Method Ensemble Book One is the companion book for the New York Guitar Method Volume One.

Each of the 24 chapters takes you through a series of exercises to improve all these crucial aspects of your guitar playing, and also tests you with classical études from Corelli, Bach, Beethoven and Haydn. These time tested exercises are highly targeted and with a short 1/2 hour commitment each day you can truly transform your guitar playing. As Joe Satriani says "If you are going to study, study with a jazz player." This book is the next best thing and will improve your:

  • Rhythm.
  • Time.
  • Recognition of musical form.
  • Fretboard knowledge.
  • Understanding of the application of 22 different scales .
  • Ability to master hard chord progressions.
  • Improvisation with 22 different scales.
  • Scale application to common chord progressions.

Midifiles and other audio files available to help you learn.

Improve your accuracy and have a lot more fun practicing when you can hear the exercises played with tempo controllable midifiles or MP3s in some cases.

And other additional information to help you learn.

This includes:

  • Extensive section on understanding rhythm notation.
  • Straight Eighth vs. Swing Eighth Note Feel.
  • Rhythmic Notation which is crucial to reading any chart.
  • Beat Reading: the Secret Weapon for learning how to read ahead in music.

Don't miss out on this information which in many cases can't be found anywhere but in this book.

Want to be a monster musician? New York Guitar Method Ensemble Book One will help you get there.

Bringing many Muse Eek Books together to raise your musicianship

The New York Guitar Method Series contains carefully selected excerpts from other Muse Eek Publications. In the case of New York Guitar Method Ensemble Book One additional content has been taken from:

New York Guitar Method Ensemble Book One is an unmatched series of book covering all the things you need to become a world class guitarist.

By combining both theoretical and practical applications this series of books gives you everything you need to become a great guitarist. Get a consistent and comprehensive education by working through the entire The New York Guitar Method Series.

Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced guitarist there is a book in The New York Guitar Method Series. that is perfect for you. GET STARTED TODAY!

Status: In stock, Digital book is available for immediate access.

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