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Jam Tracks Volume One

Jam Tracks Volume One

Jam Tracks Volume One

Jam Tracks Volume One creates a real musical environment for learning music. This is a crucial ingredient because it helps you apply scales, arpeggios or anything else that will work over the common chord types listed below.

One of the most important activities in learning to play an instrument or improving your ear is applying your newly learned skills to an actual musical situation. For many students they can be the bridge between the printed page and the real world of music. That's why Jam Tracks are a must own for anyone studying music. What makes our Jam Tracks unique is that each track is played in all 12 keys. This gives you 120 Jam Tracks in MP3 format that are ready for any chord sound you need to practice. This download includes Jam Tracks for the following chord types:

  • Major
  • Minor
  • Dominant 7
  • Dominant 7sus4
  • Minor 7b5
  • Diminished 7
  • Minor Major 7
  • Major 7#5
  • Altered Dominant
  • Dominant 7 Altered 5 Natural 9

Jam Tracks Volume One

Jam Tracks Volume One gives you jam tracks in any key with tons of different styles! Below are some examples and remember you get these audio files in all 12 keys. Which is a unique thing about all The Jam Tracks courses that are available on Muse Eek's Website

Here are some excerpts from the 10 tracks:



Dominant 7

Dominant 7sus4

Minor 7b5

Diminished 7

Minor Major 7

Major 7#5

Altered Dominant

Dominant 7 Altered 5 Natural 9

Develop your musical ideas and apply your knowledge!

No matter what you are working on, you can use these Jam Tracks to apply your knowledge in any key and through multiple styles. So whether you are focusing on Scales, Arpeggios, Approach Notes or anything else, working with these Jam Tracks will get all these concepts ingrained in a practical and permanent way. These tracks cover styles from Jazz to Heavy Metal and average about 4 to 5 minutes in duration.

How to Use Jam Tracks

Wondering how to use the tracks? We're sure you'll think of countless ways, but here are just a few possibilities

  • Jam Tracks can be used with our perfect pitch ear training audio files to create your own ear training exercises. Since the perfect pitch audio files just play a note and then tell you what pitch has been played you could combine these two together to create endless ear training exercises. If you are interested, add the Perfect Pitch Bundle to your order.
  • The Jam Tracks are a natural combination with the scale study books in our catalog. New York Guitar Method Volume One for Guitarist and Essential Scales for any instrumentalist would be excellent choices. Since these books work with applying the scales in all keys and give you both modal sequences and chord voicings, combining that information with playing against the tracks will really solidify your musicianship in these areas.
  • Jam Tracks are an essential tool when learning about Approach Notes as found in New York Guitar Method Volume Two. There is an extreme learning curve when applying Approach Note figures to specific beats within a measure. The Jam Tracks are uniquely suited to getting you through this hurdle.
  • Working with the Rhythm Series and the Jam Tracks can be a good way to understand the relationship of a printed rhythm to the real music situation presented in a Jam Track. Since the rhythm series covers 4 rhythm levels within all the books available this is an excellent chance to develop an understanding of various rhythms within each Jam Track's musical environment. Rhythm Primer and Rhythms Volume One would be the logical starting place.

Get Jam Tracks Volume One...download today!

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