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Guitar Clinic by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

guitar clinic

Guitar Clinic

Get the inside scoop on the techniques and ideas Mr. Arnold discusses in his clinics throughout the world

This book is a power house of ideas about how to practice, what to practice and the tools that will take you to the next level

Have you been asking yourself:

  • How can I better organize my practice sessions?
  • What are the important things to learn if I want to play like a professional guitarist?
  • What are the secrets that professional players use to gain such a high degree of skill?
  • How can I learn music theory on the guitar when it seems impossible?
  • How can I organize scales so they make sense on the guitar?
  • How can I play chromatic and jazzy melodic lines in my soloing?
  • How can I change chord progressions so they sound aren't so boring?
  • How can I get a modern sound into my playing?
  • What is a good way to play scales on the guitar?
  • How do contemporary musician organize their melodic and harmonic thinking to get such interesting sounds?

Please Note: We highly recommend that you also work with the Guitar Technique and Physiology Course so that you develop the proper technique when working on any of the concepts found in Guitar Clinic

The secret techniques and exercises to take you to the next level.

Guitar Clinic provides you with techniques and exercises Mr. Arnold uses in the many clinics and workshops he has given over the years, and was written as a response to the many questions students have asked him. Essential information and instruction is given in clear, easy to understand language, addressing the needs of both beginning and advanced students.

I know Mr. Arnold's books are considered cutting edge but which ones are right for me?

Much of the material in Guitar Clinic is culled from Bruce's educational series, over 100 books in all. The student wishing to expand on his or her studies will find suggestions within the text as to which of his books will best serve their specific needs.

A great introduction to Mr. Arnold's teaching methods

Guitar Clinic is a great introduction to Mr. Arnold's teaching methods.

Get on board and energize your practice and playing sessions with a well organized system.

Guitar Clinic has more information than you will find in most books even though it's primariy excerpts from other Bruce Arnold books. This gives you a clue to the deep amount of information contained in all of his other books. Guitar Clinic really lays it out for you so that you have an overview of some of the major books Mr. Arnold has written for guitar.

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