Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume two by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company guitar chords

Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume Two

  • Have you ever wondered what those chords are that you see pro-guitarist play on the upper 4 strings of the guitar?
  • Do you want to play chord/melody but don’t know which chords to use?
  • What to funkify your chord playing with some great chord voicings?
  • Need to understand the relationship between chords and scales?
  • Want to learn the chords that will help you stay out of the bass players way?
  • Want to learn those chords you hear in classic R & B?
  • Want to work on sight reading 4 note chord voicings?
  • Need information on the use of tensions in chords and chord progressions?
  • Want to understand one of the most crucial reharmonization theories used by great guitarists?
  • Want to learn the secret “passing diminished” scales that make your soloing effortless when playing over diminished chords?
  • Need a logical way to organize the massive number of upper four string chord voicings?

If the answer is YES then Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume Two is your Rosetta Stone for understanding, applying and memorizing the upper four string chord voicing that are so much apart of Alternative Rock, Jazz, R&B and Funk. Basically this book is a must own for any guitarist that wants to take their chord playing to another level..

Probably one of the hardest things to find for the intermediate to advanced guitarist is a book that covers all the common chords a professional guitarist uses when they play chords on the upper four strings. Many guitarists don’t realize these upper four string chords are the “secret” chords that professional guitarists use to create those catchy chording patterns that make them the “in demand” guitarist because of the awesome sounds it creates. More importantly you will have 24 chord progression that you can play and reference for years. The theory behind these progressions is also included so you really can start creating your own progressions or re-harmonizing jazz standards at will.

This book is power house when it comes to chord knowledge it will give you:

  • A convenient section showing you how all the most used scales relate to the most used chords a killer way to help you memorize all this information …
  • The secret “passing diminished” scales that help you sound great on diminished chords. To our knowledge this is the only place to get this information ….
  • Chord progression written with both chord diagrams and chord voicings to improve your sight reading skills in these two crucial areas …
  • A logical way to organize and learn massive amounts of chords …
  • The chords used in bands like James Brown and Dave Matthews …
  • In-depth re-harmonization section so you can understand the theory behind chord progressions.
  • Common ii V I chord progressions in both major and minor keys that really can open up your jazz playing …
  • Twelve 12 Bar Blues chord progressions. One in each key.
  • Twelve 12 Bar Minor Blues chord progressions. One in each key.
  • PLUS crucial chord reharmonization concepts to understand how using chord tones and available tensions can revolutionize your chord playing …

Get this highly acclaimed book and really get your chord playing together with a logical well organized system.

Get Started today and take your chord playing to a new level!

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