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Guitar Technique and Physiology

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Guitar Technique and Physiology

“Guitar Technique and Physiology” is hands down one of the most important courses you can own about playing the guitar. No matter what your level if you are playing the wrong way it is going to negatively impact either your developing to your full potential or worse a repetitive stress injury that hurts but also and severely impact your career in music. Most guitar teachers don’t even talk about how you play the guitar they just give you techniques to use on the guitar. This course gives you the knowledge that you need to analysis the physiology of your playing but more importantly gives you actual techniques that you can use to fix these problems. Some are so simple you will be laughing! But they work and there is 40 years of experience proving that they work so there is no guess work here. Just the stuff that has fixed countless guitar players that have come to me with problems or beginning guitarist that improve at a remarkable rate because they started with good technique.

Guitar Technique and Physiology isn’t Hard

Don’t think of “Guitar Technique and Physiology” as a hard course. Many of the techniques to fix your problems are incredibly simple you just need to compare what I’m doing on the guitar to what you are doing and fix those issues that are not correct. Usually with two months most issues can be fixed. That said, the longer you have played the longer it will take to fix your problems so don’t put it off get this course and start to process now so that you can be kicking some butt when your 80 years old. Remember as you get older your body becomes less flexible and it’s harder for it to heal from injury. That is why developing the right way to play is so important. Think about the big picture. Once you learn these techniques you can play all day every day with no issues. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful feeling?

“Guitar Technique and Physiology” Fixes Problems

“Guitar Technique and Physiology” is a course that fixes your problems. The videos and associated PDFs show you the correct way to play but that is just the start. Many exercises are included to help you correct your problems over time. The course also gives you information of how to fix your problems. These corrective exercises have been used over the past 40 years to help students with injuries or to get beginning students started with the correct techniques.

Start Changing Your Technique Now!

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What issues will the “Guitar Technique and Physiology” Fix?

Below are some common issues that the “Guitar Technique and Physiology” will fix

  • Issues related to the left hand where you are experiencing pain or tenderness
  • Left hand problems of stretching out your fingers is either cause sloppy technique, limited dexterity, repetitive stress pain or poor technical skills.
  • Right hand problems that cause; lack of speed, pain, uneven picking volume and easy fatigue.
  • Limited ability to play and practice as much as desired because hands are hurting or become fatigued.
  • In ability to play as fast as you desire.
  • Not being able to play what your hear.
  • Repetitive stress injuries that plague your ability to play guitar.
  • Physical and well as mental issues that may be holding back your ability.
  • Mental and physical stress as well as advice on how to manage pain.

This course represents 40 years of students from the total beginning student to highly accomplished professionals. This course shows you the problems but also supplies the exercises need to fix improper technical skills.

Online support for the “Guitar Technique and Physiology” Course

As with all courses you have free email support from Mr. Arnold. This is crucial for a technique and physiology course where each person may have a very personal set of issues related to playing the guitar. Bruce is available to guide you if you need personalized attention to solve your technical issues.

“Guitar Technique and Physiology” Includes

Beside the huge amount of videos in this course you will find exercises from the following book included in the download:

  • “Rhythm Primer” which can be used to develop right hand rhythm technique
  • “Rhythms Volume One” which will help you ingrain rhythm knowledge into the new muscles you are using to change your right hand technique.
  • “Right Hand Technique for Guitar” which contains multiple exercises to help solve right hand technique issues.
  • A select group of MetroDrone® files to help you work on “long line rhythm” which is the secret ingredient to play fast.

Topics Covered in the “Guitar Technique and Physiology” 57 Videos

Acoustic Guitar Videos Found in the Guitar Technique and Physiology Course

  • Acoustic Guitar Considerations
  • Acoustic Guitar Sitting Standing Considerations
  • Acoustic Guitar Wrap Up
  • Acoustic Left Leg Position
  • Acoustic Lower Body Position
  • Left Hand Acoustic Guitar Technique
  • Acoustic Guitar Right Arm
  • More Acoustic Right Hand Techniques
  • More Right Hand Acoustic Techniques
  • Right Arm Acoustic Playing 2

General Videos Found in the Guitar Technique and Physiology Course

  • Dealing With Pain
  • Encouragement
  • Final Thoughts
  • Home Base
  • Not Using Home Base Technique
  • Playing Sweeps On The Guitar
  • Proper Technique With Arpeggios And Approach Notes
  • Recommendations If You Have Repetitive Stress Injury
  • Releasing Tension
  • Sitting Down Standing Up
  • Standing Up Or Sitting Down
  • Start Changing Your Technique Now
  • Take Signs Of Pain Seriously
  • Technique And Application
  • The Problems You Will Run Into
  • Things To Think About
  • Why You Should Use The MetroDrone
  • Yoga For Guitarists

Left Hand Technique Videos Found in the Guitar Technique and Physiology Course

  • Common Left Hand Technique Problem Palm
  • Common Left Hand Technique Problem Spreading Hands
  • Exercise to Lightn Touch
  • Fixing Neck Hug Problem
  • Guitar Height and Bending Left Wrist
  • Left Elbow Placement
  • Left Hand Technique Conclusion
  • Left Wrist And Elbow
  • Other Look At Left Hand Technique
  • Other Look At Taping The Left Hand

MetroDrone® Videos Found in the Guitar Technique and Physiology Course

  • MetroDrone® Long Line Rhythm® Beginner
  • Advanced MetroDrone® Exercises

Right Hand Technique Videos Found in the Guitar Technique and Physiology Course

  • Additional Thoughts On Right Hand
  • Another Exercise For Right Hand Picking
  • Demonstration Of Right Hand Technique
  • EKG Right Hand Exercise
  • Forearm and Right Hand Picking Technique
  • Non Home Base Picking Techniques
  • Not Using Home Base Technique Muting
  • Pick On Top Of String
  • Right Arm and Shoulder Placement
  • Right Hand Acoustic Playing
  • Right Hand Movement
  • Right Hand Muting
  • Right Hand Non Home Base Techniques
  • Right Hand Picking Just Think Down
  • Right Hand Technique and Rhythm
  • Right Hand Technique Considerations
  • Scratchy Scratcholas

PDF subjects in “Guitar Technique and Physiology”

There is also a 10 page PDF that discusses many of the topics in further depth

Topics Covered in the “Guitar Technique and Physiology” PDF

  • Getting to Home Base
  • No Pain is Gain
  • Mind and Hands Work Together
  • Body in Its Natural State
  • Developing a Sound
  • Musical Mind and Stress
  • The Importance of Rhythm
  • Technical Vs. Musical Studies
  • Physical Position While Practicing
  • Guitar Placement
  • Best Straps To Use
  • Left Hand Technique Introduction
  • Finger Position for Left Hand
  • Left Hand Finger Tips
  • More Left Hand Finger Tips
  • Don’t Press Too Hard with Your Fingertips
  • Positioning Your Left Thumb
  • Positioning The Left Wrist
  • Palm of Left Hand
  • Elbow of Left Arm
  • Holding the Pick
  • Picking Considerations One
  • Pick Considerations Two
  • Picking Considerations Three
  • Right Hand Position
  • The Wrist of the Right Hand
  • Right Forearm
  • Additional Right Forearm Exercises
  • Right Hand Forearm Development Studies
  • The Right Elbow
  • The Right Shoulder

You Can Do This and This Course Can Fix Your Problems!

Get “Guitar Technique and Physiology” Today!

Status: In stock, Digital book is available for immediate access.

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