My Music: Explorations in the application of 12 tone techniques to jazz composition by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

My Music: Exploration in the Application of 12 Tone Technique to Jazz Composition and Improvisation

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you an intermediate to advanced musician that has interest in learning how to apply 20 century classical music techniques to Jazz composition and improvisation?
  • Are you a composer, pianist or guitarist looking for a new way to build and implement chords?
  • Are you a contemporary musician looking for new ways to move past tertial built harmony but need help with organizing or applying these contemporary sounds?
  • Are you a jazz musician who loves the sound of McCoy Tyner and want to apply his harmonic and melodic concepts in a more advanced way?
  • Do you want to create improvisational forms and ideas that move beyond the typical chord chart paradigm?
  • Do you have interest in using trichord harmony to replace your usual tertially built chords?
  • Do you want to hear what combining the ideas of Schoenberg and Webern would sound like in a jazz group setting?
  • Do you want a highly organized method for applying pitch class basic ideas to improvisation and composition?

If the answer is YES then MY MUSIC: Explorations in the Application of 12 Tone Techniques to Jazz Composition and Improvisation will give you some intriguing ideas on how to organize and apply serial and 12 Tone concepts in an improvisational setting.

Bruce Arnold, the New York-based guitarist-composer, educator, and author, has achieved a strikingly original sound by applying jazz improvisational techniques to late 20th century 12-tone compositional methods. His live performances and recordings with The Bruce Arnold Trio consist of adventurous explorations of this unexpectedly combustible sonic combination. This book takes an in depth look at the techniques he uses to derive his signature sound.

In this book Bruce Arnold takes this highly complex subject, and in simple, clear language explains the methods used in his compositions. Through the use of trichords Bruce presents a method to either entirely replace the usually tertial based chords used in contemporary rock and jazz or to give interesting substitutes for common chord structures such as the 12 bar blues. In otherwords his system can function either as a replacement for the commonly used chords for in traditional jazz and rock improvisation or can be used to form new sounding compositions and improvisational forms relying on non-tertial trichord structures. Applications to both modal and chord by chord compositional structures are presented to give a student examples of how typical musical structures can be rearranged to create fresh new musical ideas.

Full scores of all compositions are included along with audio files. Digital Download edition has audio files in MP3s format. The Physical edition has a CD included with the book.

This book exams the following concepts:

  • The use of pitch class sets 013, 014, 015, 016, 027 in a contemporary improvisational setting.
  • Non Symmetrical Trichord Groupings.
  • 23rd Chords and 12 Tone Composition.
  • Hexatonic based Composition and Improvisation ideas.
  • The use of four trichords as a source for playing in and outside the key center
  • The creation of pseudo 12 tone improvisational fields.
  • The use of pedal tones and other common rock and jazz techniques to create 12 tone harmonic structures.
  • Application of the aforementioned ideas to solo guitar playing.
  • Symmetrical and non-symmetrical groupings of 4 trichord arrays.
  • Application of trichord structures to typical jazz forms such as the 12 bar blues and Giant Steps.
  • Integer Notation commonly used in post tonal theory is explained in detail.

Examples from live performance videos:

Below is a few videos showing you some of the ways pitch class improvisation has been applied in a jazz and rock setting. Please note that Mr. Arnold applies a strict code of only using the pitch class set of the composition in his improvisation. For instance if the composition is based on 027 then all improvisation is also based on this pitch class set.

Many other examples of pitch class composition and improvisation can be found by searching for Bruce Arnold on or purchasing any of his over 30 audio CDs and DVDs.

Explore this interest world of new sounds with MY MUSIC: Explorations in the Application of 12 Tone Techniques to Jazz Composition and Improvisation. An intriguing new approach to improvisation and composition.

Get Started today with this highly targeted book and learn about a new way to approach composition and improvisation!

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What should I work on after My Music?

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