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Practice Perfect Applied Slash Chord Ear Training V3 using 12 Bar Blues Ear Training in Real Time.

Practice Perfect Applied Slash Chord Ear Training V3

Applied Slash Chord Ear Training V3 again uses a 12 Bar Blues to create chord progressions. Again these courses are trying to expand your ability to hear a key center with progressively more difficult chord structures. Even if you only listen passively to these exercises it will do your musical palette a load of good. I find that many student lack the experience of hearing more complicated chords combined in to common forms such as a Blues. Often they can’t even feel the 12 bar form because the chords seem alien. This is why I say that just listening passively to these chord progressions will do you a world of good. They will also prepare you for the exercises presented in this course because multiple listening tends to help you hear the underlying key center.

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Practice Perfect Applied Slash Chord Ear Training V3 using 12 Bar Blues Ear Training in Real Time.

Slash Chord Ear Training V3

Practice Perfect Applied Slash Chord Ear Training V3 as was the case with Volume Two uses a 12 Bar Blues to explore different ways that slash chords are build over an original chord progression. Volume Two showed you how to derive slash chord based on the original chord scale for each chord. Practice Perfect Applied Slash Chord Ear Training V3 takes a common approach that musicians use by looking at the chord type and deriving a slash chord from a combination of the chord tones and available tensions. This can create a much more diverse and in some instances a much simpler or complex set of changes. Since this technique is so widely used by musicians it is important that you at least work with these progressions to not only hear them but to understand the principle behind which they are built.

What is Practice Perfect?

The Practice Perfect Applied Ear Training series of books provides multiple ways for a musician to hone their ear training skills through exercises that teach by using real time application within a music environment. That is, these exercises place a musician in a real live music situation simulating the contexts most associated with performance. Volume Two uses a 12 bar blues in 12 keys which has been re-harmonized and then slash chords have been added. The scale from which the slash chords were derived are included in the book. This gives you a bird’s eye view of exactly how to re-harmonize a chord progression with slash chords. It also gives you multiple exercises to learn to hear these chords within a key center.

If you are new to the Practice Perfect Applied Ear Training Series of books. We recommend you first work with both the Ear Training One Note Complete and Contextual Ear Training Course. These will help you to hear notes within a key center which is the entire approach to our ear training courses.

The Applied Jazz Ear Training Series includes the following kinds of exercises:

  • Examples of common chord progressions found in the jazz lexicon with Piano, Bass and Drums. Both interpreted and semi-strict interpretations are included.
  • Just the piano playing the changes, with a drone of the root of the key center while also being prompted to sing notes within the key center.
  • 12 Videos. One for each chord progression. A great way to help you follow the slash chords as you progress through each chorus of the tune!

Examples of the audio tracks found on Practice Perfect Applied Slash Chords Ear Training V3

Keep in mind that for each exercise there are either a Soprano, Alto and Tenor voice used sing the answer. There are 216 exercises found in this course. They use 12 re-harmonizations of a Major Blues Chord Progression. There are various examples of all three of these below:

Excerpts from Practice Perfect Applied Slash Chord Ear Training V3

Progression plays one chorus to establish key center then exercise begins. Four different types of files presented below. All exercises use different re-harmonizations of a 12 Bar Blues. So it’s a perfect course for 12 Bar Blues Ear Training

Practice Perfect Applied Slash Chord Ear Training V3 Today!

Get Practice Perfect Applied Slash Chord 3 Book Bundle!

Bundle Includes:

Additional Information for Practice Perfect Applied Slash Chord Ear Training V3:

  • Digital Edition 978-1-59489-318-6
  • 28 page PDF explaining slash chords and also showing the scales from which each slash chord is derived.
  • 216 MP3s
  • 12 Videos

What people are saying:

I had contacted Mr. Arnold about a year ago to see if he had any courses on Slash Chords because I REALLY couldn’t hear these types of chords. Well he answered me with 3 courses series that cover every aspect of slash chords. Highly recommend this series!! T. Odgren

Thanks for putting out this Slash Chord Series. I not only didn’t understand how to use these chords and I certainly couldn’t hear them by themselves or within a chord progression. Really looking forward to diving in these books! P. Randells

I’ve been looking for some Slash Chord Ear Training for quite some time. I love Steely Dan and other groups that use these chords but could never understand nor hear them well. R. Greig

OK this book just went over my head. I don’t hear an underlying key center. Contacted Mr. Arnold and he said to listen for a week to each chord progression with a Drone. It’s working and I’m quite thrilled about this!!= A. Mondell


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