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Accompaniment Volume One for Guitar by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Accompaniment Volume One: Bass and Chords Simultaneously


Bass and Chords at the same time. That can't be easy?

You've heard guitarists play bass and chords at the same time, and it sounds like it would be extremely hard to do this. But you would be surprised how easy it is with the right instruction.

Have you been asking yourself:

  • How can I be a better accompanist?
  • What are all those secret chords I see guitarists using that I can't find in any other book?
  • What is the theory behind building bass lines?
  • Where can I find examples of this kind of accompaniment?
  • What rhythms do I use to play this style correctly?
  • What are the fingerings for playing bass and chords at the same time?

Ask no more. All your questions are answered in Accompaniment Volume One: Bass and Chords Simultaneously.

Learning through examples.

Accompaniment Volume One gives you two examples of using this style. The first is a typical blues and the second is the classic standard "Confirmation." All fingerings are included with these examples so you will know exactly how to play them.

What's included?:

  • A detailed explanation of the building blocks of bass lines.
  • The exact chord voicings to use when playing this style.
  • The secret fingerings for the chords so you can play bass and chords with ease.
  • Two examples using classic chord progressions that will help you master the style.
  • Chord progression examples written in staff notation so that you can see the rhythm and the exact notes to use.
  • A concise and easy to understand book for any student with advanced beginner or above, ability.

The two chord examples are written with regular music staff notation (no tab) so you will need rudimentary skills at reading to work with this book. Chords are written with chord diagrams to aid in learning each chord.

Develop this style and blow people away with your accompaniment ability in no time.

Status: Digital book is available for immediate access.

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