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Lick Lexicon The Blues Volume One by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Lick Lexicon: The Blues Volume One

Multiply your Blues Licks power- turn 4 licks into 48 that you OWN …


  • 2 Hours of HD Video.
  • 34 Video Segments.
  • 3 MP3 Jam Tracks.
  • 7 page PDF with additional info.
  • 14 page rhythm tutorial.

Blow your blues playing out of the box

Forget about sounding tired and UNoriginal stringing together other guitarists licks – especially when they don’t even fit the rest of your song or solo …

Please Note: We also highly recommend that you also work with the Guitar Technique and Physiology Course so that you learn to play the blues with the proper technique.  This course gives you a comprehensive approach to playing guitar.

Create you own signature blues sound.

Now you can OWN the solo and your own sound … Discover how to create your own original sound, and how real improvised, original and exciting solos are created …

Expand you sound from simple ideas!

Just imagine starting with four 3 note patterns that work well for a blues lick - and then discovering how those 4 expand into 8 patterns - and then how those 8 patterns expand to 48 patterns – and then add some spice with bends, slides and more, and you are in Blues Heaven …

Lick Lexicon: The Blues, Volume One

shows you precisely how this works …

  • You start with 4 anchor points to get you acclimated to where melodic ideas start.
  • You’ll then be shown how to change each anchor point in 6 ways, plus an alternate way of playing the anchor points takes you to 8 variations.
  • Next, you’ll be shown how you can connect the anchor points – getting your out of the "play in one position" rut. Now add bends and other articulations, and you have a wealth of ideas on how to improvise on the blues.

Create a new way to get awesome sounding Blues Licks

Learn the tricks of the trade for instantly coming up with your own ideas when soloing … no more learning lots of "hot licks" only to find that you can't do anything but play those "hot licks" …

There are of course thousands of lick videos out there but they do NOTHING for you in terms of developing your own vocabulary of cool sounding licks and musical phrases.

Learning famous guitar players "Licks" is important – you’ll gain insight into stylistic differences and nuances IF they are taught right. But you also need to view them within the bigger picture – if you are to ever develop your OWN playing style – and have your own vocabulary of ideas to use when you improvise.

Lick Lexicon: The Blues, Volume One" gives you:

A Home Base from which to start improvising …

Shows how to develop your own licks while retaining important stylistic nausnces of other players …

Delivers a systematic approach that allows you to multiple ONE lick idea 10-fold or more …

What's your Blues Level?

Whether you are a Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced Guitarist you will find this approach to be a new and refreshing way to really bring your improvisation to a new level. And it's simple!

With Lick Lexicon great for the Beginning Guitarist

You will discover:

  • How to get your rhythm flowing in triplets so that you can play the Blues with confidence, grace and rhythmic accuracy …
  • Basic fingering and alternate fingering to use for each Home Base location …
  • Eight crucial locations that will help you organize and start your improvising …

Build Your Blues Playing from the Ground Up! PLUS, you will have assignments to complete at each step to build up your ability over time, and be shown how to build your string-bending technique from the ground up.

With Lick Lexicon great for the Intermediate Guitarist

You will discover:

  • How to break out of the "CAGE" of position playing and see the fretboard linearly …
  • How to apply the ideas presented to licks you already know to give you more vocabulary …
  • How to fix rhythmic inaccuracies that have hurt your Blues playing …

PLUS, be given instruction on taking your bending technique up to the next level …

With Lick Lexicon great for the Advanced Guitarist

You will be given:

  • A new approach to learning and changing licks that can be applied to anything you want to learn on the guitar …
  • A method to get the most out of licks you already know …
  • A structured approach to fixing rhythmic problems and "fixed" position playing …

PLUS, discover how to base a group of melodies on one pitch class set.

025 pitch class set is used exclusively for all licks presented. If you are familiar with this approach to music you will find this course particularly enlightening. You will also discover how to build dexterity by applying the permutation approach used in this course to all your current licks.

Lick Lexicon: Two Part Download, One great course!

Because the Lick Lexicon is two hours of video you need to order it in two parts so that the downloads are manageable.

Please order Parts 1 and 2 for the complete course.

Get Lick Lexicon: The Blues Part 1 today!

Get Lick Lexicon: The Blues Part 2 today!

Status: In stock, Digital book is available for immediate access.

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