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25 Ear Training Tips by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Ear Training Tips

25 Ear Training Tips: Video Course

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25 Ear Training Tips for Developing a Master Musician’s Ear

Have you achieved everything you expected with ear training – or have you hit some roadblocks along the way?

  • Can you hear songs and play them in short order – without any sheet music?
  • Do you find it easy to jam with others, and immediately HEAR and KNOW what to do?
  • Are your on-the-spot improvisations satisfying for you and awesome for others to listen to?
  • Can you play what you hear in your head with ease?

Answers to those questions that pop up in your mind.

If you have NOT YET reached these goals, and if you find yourself STUCK while trying to develop that master musician’s ear … then the "25 Ear Training Tips for Developing a Master Musician’s Ear" has answers for you.

So how do you go about developing a Master Musician’s Ear, especially if you have limited time to practice?

Maybe you think you just can't do it because you're not talented enough.

But maybe you just need the right instructions, encouragement and perspective.

Common problems that hold students back when doing Ear Training.

Bruce Arnold has been teaching others how to develop a master musician’s ear for thirty years. In this program, he covers the most common issues that students tend to struggle with.

In 25 Ear Training Tips for Developing a Master Musician’s Ear you’ll get answers from friendly, conversational videos that cover not just the usual problems you may encounter, but also ways to break through barriers that you've never been able to get beyond.

You’ll receive clear and concise information on how to organize your practicing so that you get the most out of your ear training sessions. This leads to a deeper understanding of practice time in general and the value of structuring it.

Ear Training Tips: Three Main Areas

Simply put, improving your ear is about building up your memory of sound. The 3 main areas of ear training covered are:

  • Listening exercise(s) to become familiar with the sounds you hear from other instruments
  • Singing exercise(s) to become familiar with the sounds you hear inside your head
  • Applying both listening and singing exercises to real music

Help is on it's way.

These videos will help you:

  • Maximize the time you spend practicing ear training.
  • Understand the mental process of learning ear training.
  • Break free of common misunderstandings about ear training.
  • Realistically chart your own progress with the method presented.

Whether you are just starting out, or have been working on ear training for years, "25 Tips for Developing a Master Musician’s Ear" will move you toward true ear mastery, and enjoying all the creativity and communication that this ability unlocks.

Here is an example of one of the 25 Ear Training Tips

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The Ear Training Tips Videos discuss all aspects of practicing Ear Training

This course contains video only the subjects included are:

  • 1. Two Different Types of Ear Training Exercises
  • 2. Types of Memory
  • 3. Review All Notes Regularly
  • 4. The Value of One Note Ear Training
  • 5. Vocal Tension
  • 6. Guess Fast
  • 7. Key Retention Problems
  • 8. Don't Think Too Much
  • 9. Don't Resolve Notes
  • 10. Memory, Memory, Memory
  • 11. What's Wrong with Interval Ear Training?
  • 12. Storing Musical Information
  • 13. Using Multiple Instruments
  • 14. Contextual vs. Fanatic's Guide
  • 15. Balancing Ear Training Types
  • 16. Music Theory Knowledge
  • 17. Thinking the Same Way that You Hear
  • 18. Different Types of Tonal Centers
  • 19. Ear Training and Young People
  • 20. Play the Way You Hear
  • 21. It's All About Context
  • 22. Two Note Ear Training
  • 23. Modulation
  • 24. It's All About Memory
  • 25. Blame it on the Context

Get the most out of your study of Ear Training.

These Ear Training Tips videos will help you understand the ear training process and explain how to use and get the most out of Mr. Arnold's many ear training products.

Get 25 Tips for Developing a Master Musician’s Ear TODAY!

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