Tools for Modern Improvisation

Tools for modern improvisation is a collection of methods I’ve used over the last 25 years. In this course have included an explanation of the techniques, scores from compositions, technical exercises that I’ve used to gain facility and practical recommendations on how best to approach these techniques. I’ve employed these techniques in a wide variety of styles and have included 20 different recordings to demonstrate various systems.

I think it’s best to demonstrate the techniques found in this book via audio examples so that you can get an idea on whether the sound your hearing is intriguing enough to want to learn more.

23rd Chords

23rd Chords the technique I learned from Charlie Banacos which employs three 7th chords to form a 12 tone aggregate. Below is an excerpt from a composition I wrote with this technique. This is just one of the ways to create modern improvisation that is discussed in the book

Blue Eleven

The score for this composition is included with this course as well as the Twelve 23rd chord combinations.There is also PDFs containing exercises to develop 23rd chord facility. twelve 864 page PDFs for a total of 10,368 pages of exercises. Another 29 page document is also included that shows you other possible three tetrad combinations.

027 pitch class set

Pitch class set improvisation is discussed in depth along with examples of composition

12 Tone Boogie

The score for this composition is included with this course as well as a recommended exercise to help you develop facility. Fingering is included for guitarists.

013 pitch class set

A very in depth section of the book covers the use of the 013 pitch class set in a rock, blues, jazz, classical idioms. Below is two excerpts:

Blues for Arnie

Dakota Gumbo

Scores for these composition and others are included with this course as well as a 24 page recommended exercise to help you develop facility.

014 pitch class set

A very in depth section of the book on covering the use of the 013 pitch class set in a rock, blues, jazz, classical idioms. Below are three excerpts:

Numbers Jazz Version

Numbers Dance Version

Schoenberg’s 5 Pieces for Piano 2nd Movement Improvisation with 014’s

Scores for both versions of “Numbers” are included with this course as well as a 10 page exercise to help you develop facility.

015 pitch class set

015 pitch class and its application to various styles and Intervallic applications. Below is one excerpt:

Variation One

Score for this composition is included as well as a one 23 page exercises in PDF format and a 42 page étude.

016 pitch class set

Applications of 016 is discussed as well as a nine page étude is included. 016 is a powerhouse for modern improvisation don’t overlook this resource

Combined pitch class set are discussed.

A very in depth look at 027-016 pitch class set.

A Few Dozen

Transcribed guitar solo is included included plus a 171 page and 10 page PDF exercise.

Combined pitch class set are discussed.

A very in depth look at 027-026 pitch class set.

Blue Lotus

A 5 page exercise in PDF format is included.

025 pitch class set

A very in depth look at 025 pitch class set and its application to the Rock, Metal, Jazz and Blues idioms. Below are three examples:

Vanishing Point

Stand It Up


A 10 page exercise in PDF format and an étude applying 025 to the jazz standard “Giant Steps” is included.

026 pitch class set

A discussion of the application of 026.

Messiaen’s Quartet for the end of time 2nd movement improvisation

An 11 page exercise in PDF format is included.

Other highlights:

  • Charts showing how to apply the pitch class sets 013, 014, 015, 016, 025, 026 and 027 to chords in all keys.
  • Solo guitar arrangements for “Stella by Starlight” and the “Child is Born.”
  • Pitch class set application to major pentatonic and blues playing for a modern improvisation sound.
  • In depth explanation of pitch class set improvisation.
  • Intervallic applications to pitch class sets.
  • Altered dominant applications to pitch class sets.
  • Symmetrical Diminished scale applications to pitch class sets.
  • Recommendations for further study of modern improvisation.

Discover new ideas for compositions and improvisation with this great course!

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What should I work on after Tools for Modern Improvisation

  • Best to contact Mr. Arnold at email address at bottom of page to discuss best material to work on after My Music.

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