Right Hand Technique for Guitar Volume One by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Right Hand Technique for Guitar Volume One

Please Note: We recommend that all guitarist work with the Guitar Technique and Physiology Course which includes the Right Hand Technique course. This course gives you a comprehensive approach to playing guitar and includes videos on all aspects of guitar technique.

Does your right hand feel like it’s out of control or are you experiencing pain?

Right Hand Technique for Guitar Volume One will give you:

  • Step by step information to get your right hand and arm functioning in a way that will give you effortless technique.
  • Simple yet effective right hand exercises that give you the control you need to play the way you want to.
  • Steps to take if you have developed a repetitive stress injury.
  • A right hand technique that takes the stress off your wrist.
  • Etudes to help you develop rhythm in your forearm muscles.
  • A graduated method for the guitarist with physical injuries caused by playing incorrectly.
  • A method to use your forearm as the main source of movement when you pick or strum the guitar.

Great Technique equals great playing skills?

Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Stress Injury are specters haunting the life of every musician; they are career stoppers. It is unfortunate that the teaching of contemporary guitar rarely includes the basics of proper stance, posture or positioning of the arms, wrists and hands, even though this is the most basic foundation of technique!

Most students tend to fixate on the left hand, due to the complex nature of its task, but the right hand has an equally important, if seemingly simple function. Incorrect technique in this area and its painful consequences can be avoided by applying the information found in this book.

The exercises and positions described have been developed by the author in conjunction with physiotherapists and major players in both the classical and jazz world.

This book is invaluable for the beginning student who wishes to get on the right path immediately, the musician who is experiencing fatigue or pain in playing, and the musician who may already have some damage.

The exercises are geared to help the muscles respond smoothly to the demands placed upon them, and develop fast, precise playing. 24 etudes are included with midi files that can be downloaded from the internet to facilitate correct practice and aid internalization.

Have a repetitive stress injury?

Pills and physical therapy can only go so far. If you don’t change the underlying problem you will be plagued with pain and an ongoing problem.

Don’t let poor technique hold you back.

Buy this book before you spend years playing with the wrong technique and end up having to start all over. Bypass years of the physical pain that usually accompanies the path to realization that you are playing incorrectly. With a few simple exercises and using your body correctly you can be a world class guitarist with impeccable technique.

Get Right Hand Technique and start get excellent technique and speed without pain!

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