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Rhythm Ear Training Video Course

Get your rhythm training on track with the New Rhythm Ear Training Video Course

If you feel that tackling rhythm issues would be a lot easier if you had a consistently encouraging teacher’s presence explaining what to do while the rhythms are playing, helping you with count-offs, and keeping you on track while offering down-to-earth advice, our Rhythm Ear Training Video course is for you!

In this course Bruce talks directly to you, demonstrates each rhythm and ways to engrain it so that it becomes a natural part of your playing. It takes you from very simple rhythms to highly complex rhythms so that you can grow with the program. Your playing will become faster, more precise, rock solid and creative.

Our Rhythm Ear Training Video Course shows you how to apply 14 rhythms to different styles of music. It gives you targeted advice on how to:

  • Apply a variety of rhythms to popular grooves found in rockand jazz.
  • Get new Ideas for embellishing rhythms and making them soundmore musical.
  • Develop strategies for learning rhythms and applying them to musical phrases.
  • Target specific beats within a measure to help you memorize where you are within a groove.

The Rhythm Ear Training Video Course is for anyone who:

  • has problems developing a good rhythmic feel when they play music, or has a hard time locking into a groove when playing with a band.
  • has trouble understanding the basics of rhythm and how itinterfaces with real music, making it hard to count the beat to popular tunes.
  • is stuck playing the same rhythms and needs to expand their rhythmic vocabulary.
  • has problems making soloing sound natural and flowing.

If you already own the Rhythm Ear Training Series, then the Rhythm Ear Training Video Course is the perfect companion. The video segments deal with 12 rhythms; one from each of the levels (plus two extra from Level 1) found in the Rhythm Ear Training Series.

Jam Tracks with voice counting of each beat!

Jam Tracks with Count V1

Jam Tracks with CountV2

20 Jam Tracks with a voice count are included. These Jam Tracks can be used for all 12 Levels (Plus two extra parts in Level 1) of the Rhythm Ear Training Series as well as with the XTreme Bundle. (Please note these Jam Tracks are only in the key of C and are the same tracks as Jam Tracks Volume One and Jam Tracks Volume Two but with a voice counting each beat.)

Here is an example of the voice count MP3s:

Jam Track C Major

[s3bubbleAudioSingle bucket=”media.muse-eek.com” track=”mp3/Jam_Track_One_Major_Count.mp3″ autoplay=”false” download=”false” style=”plain” preload=”auto”/]


You won’t be all alone! Bruce will be right there with you, choosing the track, counting it off, and teaching you in clear language and with demonstrations that you can easily follow.

We also provided a super helpful voice count over the Jam Tracks so you can hear how to count through the grooves, and target exactly where you want to place your rhythms within the beat. Working with these simple, logical steps you will master a wide rage of rhythms, and play comfortably within them.

Total unique Jam Tracks that groove up a storm!

And we have too say it: Our jam tracks are AWESOME. You will be working with tracks that are FUN to play along with, have cool bass lines, and feel-good beats. And as you progress, the tracks get more challenging, sophisticated and the groove just gets hipper.

Each Video segment tackles a rhythm and shows you not only how to engrain it, but how to develop a feel for the myriad rhythms used with most rock, funk and jazz grooves.

Here is an example video from the Rhythm Ear Training Video Course

[s3bubbleVideoSingle bucket=”media.muse-eek.com” track=”videos/13_RET_L11_C_Minor.mp4″ aspect=”16:9″ autoplay=”false” download=”false”/]

The Secret of Breaking Down Each Rhythm

By breaking each rhythm down with the count off, it’s easier to learn, and your own count-offs will never be an issue again. You’ll develop your own personal war chest of rhythms so that your chord playing and soloing are more interesting.

Gain Rhythmic Confidence

Your new confidence with rhythm will have you playing in time, creatively, and enjoying yourself. And best of all, others will enjoy it more too!



Rhythm Ear Training Video Course… Today and start refining your rhythm skills!

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