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New York Guitar Method Volume One

The flagship book of the New York Guitar Method Series.

New York Guitar Method Volume One is the "Holy Grail" of scale books. Everything you ever wanted to know about scales is included in this book. But this book isn't just a collection of scales; it's an in-depth method for raising your musicianship through the understanding of how scales interface with every aspect of music.

If you are a student who wants to master:

  • 22 most used scales in music
  • Chords with additional tensions added.
  • Music theory and its relationship to scales.
  • Slash chords; what they are and how to use them.
  • Modal Sequencing and the common patterns that form great melodies.
  • Polyrhythmic Feel.
  • Rhythmic permutation of scales.

Then look no further; this book will set you on the road to world class musicianship.

This 348 page book will:

Please Note: We also highly recommend that you also work with the Guitar Technique and Physiology Course so that you learn to play with the proper technique. This course gives you a comprehensive approach to playing guitar.

This book demystifies all of these subjects and then goes way beyond.

Learning scales using the 3 notes per string method will help break you "out of the box." You'll go way beyond just scales and their fingering patterns. By knowing how to apply sequencing to scales, you can forget about buying every new Shred video that comes out. This book gives you the theory behind all the cool licks you ever wanted to learn but it doesn't stop there; is also includes Modal Sequencing with Rhythmic permutation to give you kick-ass scale ideas. In other words, you'll have what you need to start creating your OWN sound!

Need further information? Here's a detailed list on the contents of this book

Take a deep breath.

The following scales and their theory are covered in great detail:

All the Chords with Tensions that you need to know to become a World Class Guitarist.

Added tensions for the following chord types are covered:

  • Major7
  • Minor7
  • Dominant7
  • Dominant7 sus4
  • Minor7b5
  • Diminished 7
  • Minor Major 7
  • Major7#5

Articulations: the secret ingredient to soulful playing.

In-Depth coverage of the following Articulations:

  • Hammer-Ons
  • Pull-Offs
  • Slides from Below
  • Slides from Above
  • Bends
  • Pre-Bends
  • Vibrato
  • Accents
  • Staccato
  • Legato

Modal Sequences: A comprehensive explanation of how to build great melodies.

In-Depth look at the following Modal Sequences:

  • Two Note Modal Sequencing-Seconds
  • Two Note Modal Sequencing-Thirds
  • Two Note Modal Sequencing-Fifths
  • Two Note Modal Sequencing-Sixths
  • Two Note Modal Sequencing-Sevenths
  • Three Note Modal Sequencing
  • Four Note Modal Sequencing

Scale and Music Concepts

A Black Belt in Scales

We can say with full confidence that you'll have a black belt in scales after studying this book. Of course you'll want to apply all this knowledge to make it stick. That's why there is also the "New York Guitar Method Ensemble Book One," the companion book for the New York Guitar Method Volume One This book has you apply all the information covered through etudes, exercises, soloing, chord progressions and sight reading.

So is this book the right book for you?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you sometimes not know what is the right scale to play?
  • Do you mostly use a few scales and can't figure out how to use the rest?
  • Do you find your scale playing to be bland?
  • Are you bored with the way you play scales when you improvise?
  • Do you feel like you play the same things every time you improvise?
  • Do you need more ideas on how to use scales?
  • Do you need to get more rhythmic interest into you scale playing?
  • Do you feel like you need some new sounds in your playing?

If the answer is YES then New York Guitar Method Volume One will get you on track to solving your scale problems. Filling in these gaps in your playing will make you a much better musician and give you the confidence to tackle any type of music.

Bringing together many Muse Eek Books to raise your musicianship

New York Guitar Method contains carefully selected excerpts from other Muse Eek Publications, making each book a targeted compilation. In the case of New York Guitar Method Volume One additional content has been taken from:

The New York Guitar Method is an unmatched series of book covering all the things you need to become a world class guitarist.

By combining theoretical and practical application this series of books gives you everything you need to become a great guitarist. Get a consistent, comprehensive education by working through the entire New York Guitar Method series.

Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced guitarist there is a book in this series that is perfect for you. GET STARTED TODAY!

Status: In stock, physical book ships in 24 hours. Digital book is available for immediate access.


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