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New York Guitar Method Primer Book Two

New York Guitar Method Primer Book Two.

Status: In stock, physical book ships in 24 hours. Digital book is available for immediate access.


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Looking for the perfect guitar method?

New York Guitar Method Primer Book 2 continues on the path toward taking an intermediate student to becoming a professional guitarist and covers the foundations of Blues, Rock, Jazz and Folk. In is highly recommend you start with New York Guitar Method Primer Book One so that you don't miss any information. Remember each NYGM is packed with information usually not contained in most method books.

If you are looking at New York Guitar Method Primer Book Two as a possible method book as yourself:

  • Do I want a serious method that will give me professional level ability on the guitar?
  • Do I want to finally understand every thing about modes and scales and how they are related?
  • Do I want to learn all the chords that a professional guitarist needs to know?
  • Do I want to clear up any misunderstandings about music theory?
  • Do I want to understand "diatonic chords" and why they are crucial to building great chord progressions?
  • Do I want a method that comes with a companion "ensemble book" for applying all the information you are learning, so you remember it?
  • Do I want a unique method for learning and applying music theory directly to the guitar fretboard?

If this is what you want for your playing, then this book will get you organized and heading straight toward becoming a professional musician.

Please Note: We also highly recommend that you also work with the Guitar Technique and Physiology Course so that you learn to play with the proper technique.  This course gives you a comprehensive approach to playing guitar.

New York Guitar Method Primer Book Two gives you detailed information on:

New York Guitar Method Primer Book 2 will also take you through simple targeted exercises that apply commonly used scales directly to the guitar.

Secret Cycle 5 system of learning help you remember chords.

A special "Cycle 5" system is employed to help you memorize chords and learn the fretboard in a logical and lasting way

That's a lot of chords to remember, but simple chord progressions are given to help you apply these newly learned chords, and to help you to memorize each chord in all keys.

Music theory exercises that really work by applying the knowledge directly to your guitar fretboard.

And if you finally want to understand music theory and achieve a natural balance where you just "see" the music theory relationships on your guitar fretboard with little or no mental energy, then the unique exercises presented will help you see all chord and arpeggio relationships instantly on the guitar.

You will also learn about diatonic chords, so that you understand:

  • How scales and chords are interrelated.
  • The "secret code" to understanding how songs are composed.
  • Which chords sound good together to make your own songs.
  • How arpeggios can be used over chords and chord progressions.

New York Guitar Method Primer Two Demystifies Music

This is a no-nonsense method that demystifies music and gives you the tools to understand how modern music is organized. Along with all this information you will also get free access to the "member's area" where you can watch and download hundreds of files to help you learn.

Help is an email away.

But what if you don't understand something about the book or need further advice would you like someone to answer your questions?

Mr. Arnold is famous for his in-depth email communications with students. These emails range from recommendations on what books are the right fit for a student to specific aspects of a book that a student finds confusing. Remember it only takes one thing that you don't understand to stop the whole process of learning. If you run into problems just email Bruce and he will get you back of track. What other author does that?

Guitar chords and chord progressions:

Both Open and Barre Positions for Major, Minor, and Dominant Chords with videos showing common problems student have in playing these chords.

Below is a video showing you some of the common problems found with a C Major Chord.

10 graduated chord progressions to apply newly learned chords with 30 MP3s links per chord progression. These MP3s allow the student to hear the chord progression and slowly develop speed and dexterity. Each chord progression contains 3 different strumming styles using the hard rock, rock, folk, blues and country styles.

Here is a couple of examples of MP3s that can be played or downloaded to help you learn each chord progression

Many great books in one!

New York Guitar Method in many cases is a compilation of other Muse Eek Publications. Many books have been excerpted to form this series. In the case of NYGM Primer Book One you will additional content has been taken from:

  • Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One.
  • Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume Two.
  • Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume One.

The New York Guitar Method is an unmatched series of book covering all the things you need to become a world class guitarist.

By combining both the theoretical and practical application this series of books gives you everything you need to become a great guitarist. Get a consistent education by working through the entire New York Guitar Method series.

Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced guitarist there is a book in this series that is perfect for you. GET STARTED TODAY!

Status: In stock, physical book ships in 24 hours. Digital book is available for immediate access.


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