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Pure Country Ear Training Direct Application

Pure Country Ear Training is one of the "Direct Application" ear training courses. You should work on this course when you are getting around 50% correct notes with the Ear Training One Note Complete course. Pure Country Ear Training gives you Country Music Grooves that serve multiple purposes. The first is to create a simple enough real music situation wherein a beginning ear training student can learn "One Note" Ear Training. The second is to create a real music situation that sounds pleasing and within the chosen style. The third is to create music tracks that are in common key centers like Major, Dorian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian with Phrygian and Locrian added, for a complete picture of the modes of a Major Scale. Fourth is to create an ear training exercise wherein a student can also play along, thus additionally developing improvisational skills. Please check out the example MP3s to see if you agree that this course meets those requirements.

Also Our New Line Of Applied Ear Training Products:

Recently we have expanded our offerings for Direct Application with the Practice Perfect Applied Ear Training Series. This series goes further in-depth using various styles and types of progressions so that you can apply your ear training skills directly to real music. Both series are recommended for all students getting over 50% correct notes with Ear Training One Note

Practice Perfect Series:

Key Center Development

By far the biggest problem I run into with students is their inability to hear in key centers that are anything other than simple triadic based situations. Obviously most music does not fit into this narrow window so an ear training student needs to work on ear training within more varied musical settings. But these settings need to be simple enough to be encouraging.

A Delicate Balance

By listening to the MP3 examples below I think you will agree that a nice balance has been achieved by making backing tracks that are simple yet musically rewarding to listen to. By then placing a "One Note" ear training environment over these tracks you give a student a situation where they can develop their ear training skills in a simple yet musical setting.

Why Most Ear Training Exercises Don't Work

I realized a long time ago that just doing ear training exercises that involve a stark non musical exercise will not necessarily lead to being able to apply it in a real-time music situation. If you are currently working on one of's courses that can be described as a "non-musical exercise" or using other exercises on or off the internet, you need to realize that non-musical exercises, while helpful, are not the final answer to your ear training journey. YOU NEED DIRECT APPLICATION of your learning to real music.

Direct Application Approach

Muse Eek Publishing has created many Direct Application courses to help a student apply their budding ear training skills to real music settings. It is a growing list of courses. Here is a current round up of available courses that are a must-own for anyone who wants to develop true ear training skills in a performance context.

Examples of MP3s Found in the Pure Country Ear Training Course.

A small PDF is also included to explain this type of Contextual Based Ear Training if you are unfamiliar with this type of ear training.

Below are 7 excerpts from the 84 tracks found in this course.

  • A Major

  • E Dorian

  • Bb Phrygian

  • D Lydian

  • F Mixolydian

  • Ab Aeolian

  • C Locrian

Improve your ear training and playing skills at the same time with the Pure Country Ear Training Direct Application Course

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