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Pure Country Jam Tracks are Country Music backing tracks in all keys by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company Jam Tracks Series

Country Jam Tracks

Pure Country Jam Tracks Major Modes

Pure Country Jam Tracks contains 84 tracks. Strengthen your musicianship by working through all keys.

Pure Country Jam Tracks Help You in Many Ways

Pure Country Jam Tracks Help You in Many Ways:

  • You can simply have some fun and jam over some easy Country Jam Tracks that will put a smile on your face.
  • If you love country music, you can play along with these Country Jam Tracks i.e. backing tracks and improve your chops in your favorite style.
  • They help a country musician master playing in all 12 keys using the Major Modes or other modes of their choosing... never worry about forgetting to bring your capo!
  • The exercises will stretch your musicianship by challenging you to play in modes and keys not often associated with Country Music.
  • They provide simple backing tracks that don't have complicated harmony and rhythm, while establishing the sound of a key center.
  • Country Jam Tracks help you apply things like scales and arpeggios to a real music situation thus bringing you one step closer to actually performing music.
  • If you would rather use Major and Minor Pentatonic with these tracks they work great! See directions below.

Jam Tracks are a crucial tool for your musical development and you need a variety of tracks so that your playing is not only well rounded but also keeping you inspired to practice. Playing along with a Country Jam Tracks is the FUN side of learning music. Take that scale or arpeggio from the printed page and bring it into the real world of music!

Examples of the Pure Country Jam Tracks

These Country Jam Tracks are not simple boring loops. The tracks develop over time with obvious changes in the playing. Also, keep in mind that along with playing the seven modes of major with these tracks you can also play a major and minor pentatonic where indicated, as well as many other things.

Here are some short examples of the 7 modes. Remember each of these jam tracks can be found in all 12 keys in this course.

  • E Major Jam Track: Use Major Scale or Major Pentatonic.

  • D Dorian Jam Track: Use Dorian or Minor Pentatonic.

  • G Phrygian Jam Track: Use Phrygian or Minor Pentatonic.

  • Eb Lydian Jam Track: Use Lydian Scale or Major Pentatonic.

  • Ab Mixolydian Jam Track: Use Mixolydian Scale or Major Pentatonic.

  • Bb Aeolian Jam Track: Use Aeolian or Minor Pentatonic.

  • Gb Locrian Jam Track: Use Locrian Scale

Please note that there could be many other scales superimposed over the Country Jam Tracks. For instance, you could superimpose a D Major Pentatonic Scale over the C Lydian example. That will sound great, but please think of the notes in the key of C not in the key of D. It's best to think Degrees: D=2,E=3,F#=#4,A=6, B=7. For more information on this type of approach to hearing and thinking about music see the following courses:

Improve your playing, apply what you are learning and improve your ear all at the same time with Pure Country Jam Tracks for Major Modes

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