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Guitar Technique by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Guitar Technique: A Beginners Guide to Speed, Accuracy and Fluid Performance

What is guitar technique?

Many people think it just means you can play fast and all you need to do is practice like crazy. This book will give you some of the basics on proper guitar technique. Think of it as a short introduction to Guitar Technique. The book is 8 pages long and the course also contains about 16 videos to help you see how to change your technique. That said, there is a newer course called Guitar Technique and Physiology which goes into much more detail and contains 57 videos which is about 2 hours long.

But which one of these statements do you think is true?

  • Great technique has nothing to do with how you hold an instrument it's really just about how much you practice.
  • Just learn to play physically like your favorite guitarist and you will be as good as him/her over time.
  • Having some pain when you are developing your technique is natural. No pain no gain.
  • If you don't have good technique it's just because you didn't practice enough.
  • Playing the guitar is hard physical work.
  • If you have the right guitar you'll be able to play faster.
  • Some people just have faster fingers than others.

NONE OF THE ABOVE are true! Bad technique will ruin your ability no matter how talented you are or how much you practice.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I can only practice for "X" amount of time before my hand is exhausted.
  • There are some things I'll never be able to play they are just too fast or too difficult.
  • The longer I practice the worse I play.
  • When I play a gig I'm great for the first set but then I get progressively worse as the night goes on.
  • My fingers have a big gap between them from playing the guitar and over stretching the tendons.
  • Every once in a while I have to quit playing because I injure myself somehow when I play or perform.
  • I guess I'm just not cut out to play the guitar it's just to hard to get my fingers to work correctly.
  • I'm very sloppy when I play but I guess that is just my style.

If any of this sound familiar you are most likely playing with poor technique. It is the most common reason why guitarists don't reach their full potential or quit because they think they are not talented enough to reach the level they want.

How to turn your technique around and become a great guitarist.

  • Realize that you are most likely way out of touch with your physical movements and this lack of connection is impacting your guitar playing skills.
  • Realize that how you physically hold the instrument will greatly affect how well you can play the guitar.
  • Realize that ergonomic movement is the key to speed and accuracy.
  • Realize that all bodies are built differently, so you may have to play differently than someone else to reach your full potential.
  • Realize that when playing guitar it requires different techniques for different types of chords and melodies.
  • Realize the longer you play with bad technique the longer it will take to switch over to good technique.
  • Realize you should never experience pain when you are playing. If you do you are playing incorrectly.
  • Realize there is a path to good technique if you are willing to put in the time.

Follow the techniques presented in Guitar Technique: A Beginners Guide to Speed, Accuracy and Fluid Performance and it will change your playing drastically.

Over and over students report that they have turned their guitar playing around by following the techniques presented in this book. Beginning students find they improve at much faster speeds, guitarists with repetitive stress injuries find they can play again and people that have always had a "slow hand" can now play much faster.

Guitar Technique: A Beginners Guide to Speed, Accuracy and Fluid Performance covers the entire act of playing the guitar.

All aspects of the physical act of playing the guitar are covered, from how to hold a guitar, to the specific way each hand is involved in the playing process. Pictures are provided within the book to help clarify each technique. More valuable explanatory pictures and videos can be downloaded in the member's area.

Become the guitarist of your dreams. Start with good technique and the sky is the limit.

Status: Digital book is available for immediate access.

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