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music-theory-workbook-for-guitar-volume-2-by-bruce-arnold-Guitar Music theory

Music Theory Book for Guitar

Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume Two

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Do you need to develop a better understanding of scales and want to get away from patterns?

Have you ever wondered how the true masters of guitar can - at the drop of a hat - transform their sound from one mood to another - and mesmerize their audience?

What is the source of their amazing ability to touch the hearts and souls of total strangers?

How do they gain such hypnotic power over their listeners?

What they possess - which you can also - is a deep understanding of the CHOICES they have with music ... the different feelings and moods they can evoke depending upon their scale and chord combination choices. These are the colors on your musical palette, the tools to create great music.

Would you also like to understand, on a deep level, the 22 most important scales in music? And then have at your fingertips a rich variety of feelings you can use to weave your own rich tapestry of music?

We recommend that all guitarist work with the Guitar Technique and Physiology Course so that you learn with proper technique.  This course gives you a comprehensive approach to playing guitar and includes a videos on all aspects of guitar technique.

This Music Theory Book for Guitar is Easy and Comprehensive

This music theory book for guitar gives you a concise and easy to comprehend method for learning the 22 most important scales found in music. You ll be provided with worksheets where you finds the notes for each scale on a guitar fret board diagram and on a music staff. Answers are given for all exercises so you can work at your own pace to master the material.

Would you like to:

  • Understand 22 different scales from the ground up ...
  • Instantly see all the important scales across and up and down the guitar fret board ...
  • Know common chord progressions that work for the 22 most important scales ...
  • Understand which chords work with which scales...
  • Have hands-on exercises that help ingrain the theory behind each scale ...

If you answer is YES, then Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume Two will give you the roadmap to get there.

Music Theory Book for Guitar Help is on its Way: Get access to additional materials in our member's area which include:

  • Additional PDFs and MP3s on many subjects
  • Jam Tracks to help you apply scales to musical situations ...
  • And much more ...

Get real hands-on application for the most important 22 different scales. This worksheet style book is unique and these types of exercises can only be found in this book. Stop wasting time and get music theory under your belt once and for all. With the answers being supplied in the back of the book you can master music theory without having a teacher.

Status: In stock, Digital book is available for immediate access.

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