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Those of you that are familiar with products know that since 1995 we have catered to the serious musician using cutting-edge ideas on music education for any musician. To continue this tradition we are now creating the “Ultimate Online Music Education School.” We are very excited about the possibilities that online music educational applications offer. Over the next few years we plan a great expansion of Muse-Eek U. We have so many ideas for groundbreaking music educational applications that we can hardly wait to make them all available to you. Some of these applications will be instrument specific especially for guitar but others applications can be used by any instrumentalist. This is especially true of the rhythm and ear training apps.

A Message from Bruce Arnold

The big news here is that I’m building online apps for what I'm calling Muse Eek U. This is a monthly subscription area that I’ll be throwing all my energy into over the next few years.
I've carefully designed --and am continuing to design--these Apps to be super functional, fun and to operate on many musical levels. When you work with them you will not only learn one specific subject thoroughly, but how it relates to other subjects, and to music in general. My goal has always been to make sure you come out the other end of my courses as a Complete Musician who can compose and play with others creatively, freely and joyfully.

When you work with my Apps you will find that you learn more efficiently, because:

  • The app will learn what you are getting correct and incorrect, and adjust accordingly.
  • Over time you’ll be able to play into the app with your instrument or voice and it will allow both of us to observe the issues, evaluate progress and plan a course of study.
  • Many students find themselves at a loss when it comes to pinpointing their weaknesses. But as the app adjusts to help you tackle those parts of your musicianship that need work, you will find that you are not just learning the subject, you are learning about yourself, in a logical and objective way.
  • Apps allow much more flexibility and variety in how you can learn a musical subject. For instance, one Rhythm App might contain exercises where you can hear rhythm with the voice counting the time in the background. Or it might have a choice where you hear drums playing along with the rhythm, or the rhythm playing a chord progression or song. These different approaches are all about Rhythm but they address multiple facets of the subject.
  • Many students lack an outlet to interact with other musicians. Apps allow you to simulate that interaction. For instance, you could have an exercise where a random four note bass line is played, where you don’t know what the notes are, and you have to figure them out using your ear. You would then have to figure out what scale you would improvise with over the bass line, or what chords you might use. Working with an app like this prepares you to play with other musicians.

I hope you'll check out the new Muse-eek U and these Apps. I think you'll see why I'm so excited about them.

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