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Tertial Octatonics by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Tertial Octatonics

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Want to create a modern sound from those tired old arpeggios?

Tertial Octatonics is the answer. It creates a very modern sound for those old standby 7th chord arpeggios.

It's time to explore the possibilities of the eight note scale.

Octatonic scales contain eight notes. Most musicians are familiar with the Octatonic scales commonly referred to as the Diminished and Symmetrical Diminished. But there are actually 29 Octatonic Scales and these scales are excellent alternatives for improvisation and composition when working over a Dominant 7th or Dominant 7sus4 key center.

Using two tetrads (4 note chords) as a vehicle for Octatonic Scales

This book contains all the possible combinations of two seventh chords to create an Octatonic Scale. It also gives you exercises to apply these arpeggios as well as information on the origin of each Octatonic scale. You will get the following with this course:

  • All tetrad combinations that form an Octatonic Scale using 11 common 7th chords.
  • Information on how to hear these scales
  • Information on how to practice these scales
  • Applications of Octatonic Scales to chord progressions
  • Hints on how to apply these structures to get a modern sound in your playing

What Tertial Octatonics Covers:

This course concentrates on the possible ways to combine two 7th chord structures into an Octatonic Scale. By using two 7th chords together you can form an Octatonic Scale. These combinations create a great sound and are fairly easy to access if you know your 7th chords. (If you don't know your 7th chord these "two tetrad" combinations can really help you to master them.) For each "two tetrad" combination I've also listed which chords these structures can be used over for improvisation or composition thus creating a rich resource of sound to add to your palette.

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Status: In stock, Digital book is available for immediate access.

What people are saying:

Definitely for the advanced musician... This book opens up a whole new world of sound when improvising over a Dominant 7th or 7sus4 chord. Highly recommended!!R. Schneider

I've always wondered about other possible eight note scales besides the diminished scale. This course really opened my eyes to a lot of new possible sound for a diminished scale and other 8 note scales.S. Yung

Definitely recommended for anyone who wants to explore the possibilities of applying 7th chords to alternate situations. D. Teague

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