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Intervallic Series

Exercises and concepts that employ the use of an interval or groups of intervals to create a cohesive sound.

Tertial Intervallics Volume One

Tertial Intervallics Volume One focuses on intervallic patterns created by 7th chords or four note structures. The following chord structures are covered

  • ∆7 (1 3 5 7)
  • -7 (1 b3 5 b7)
  • 7 (1 3 5 b7)
  • 7sus4 (1 4 5 b7)
  • -7b5 (1 b3 b5 b7)
  • °7 (1 b3 b5 bb7)
  • -∆7 (1 b3 5 7)
  • ∆7#5 (1 3 #5 7)
  • ∆7#11 (1 3 #4 7)
  • 7b5 (1 3 #4 b7)
  • 7#5 (1 3 #5 b7)
  • 6 (1 3 5 6)
  • -6 ( 1 b3 5 6)

The overall idea is that if you use a consistent set of intervals over and over again no matter what their relationship is to a key center your ear will hear the “pattern” caused by this repetition of intervals and therefore conclude that the melody makes “sense.”

Tertial Intervallics Volume One concentrates on the practicing of and implementation of idea of tertial based structures (chords build in 3rds) in a way that creates interesting melodic lines based on the interval content of traditional chord structures. It is highly recommended that you play these exercises on your instrument and also sing through the exercises with a drone that creates a key center in the background. As always, it is also important to apply these smaller sections of any exercise to real musical situations.

FThis book can be used for multiple purposes. It is great for sight reading, developing a sense of an intervallic line and understanding the internal relationships of common seventh chords. In all instances it is recommended that you use a MetroDrone, vamp or jam track while playing through these examples. If you play a chordal instrument it is also recommended that you play a chord and listen to these exercises via the audio or midifiles to hear how they make sense at different tempos.

Tertial Intervallics Volume One

Intervallics Series

Intervallics Series


Includes the following:

200 page PDF

18 MP3s

18 Midifiles

One MetroDrone MP3

Long Line Rhythm PDF

One Long Line Rhythm Video

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What people are saying:

Definitely a book for an advanced musician. Bruce's approach to intervallics is easy to understand and he gives a number of great ideas on how to develop this concept. If you are looking for a modern approach to playing this is a must own E. Roberts

This is a great book for sight reading and improves your knowledge of modern melodies. I highly recommend this for a intermediate to advance playerK. Franks

I've been waiting for years to find a book that covers advanced playing ideas. The Intervallic series presents a no fluff approach to mastering this concept E. Thomas

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