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Jazz Piano Vocabulary Volume 1 The Major Scale by Roberta Piket for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Jazz Piano Vocabulary Book 1: The Major Scale

The amount of theoretical knowledge required to become a fluent improvisor on the piano can be overwhelming to the aspiring jazz pianist. Jazz Piano Vocabulary is series of books designed to help students learn and apply jazz scales by mastering each scale and its uses in improvisation.

Each book in the Jazz Piano Vocabulary series focuses on a different scale, and features:

• the scale in all twelve keys - two octaves up and down with complete fingerings
• chords and left hand voicings that work with the scale
• motivic sequences and melodic ideas (with right hand fingerings)
• transcriptions and/or etudes using the scale
• ideas for further study and listening
• detailed instructions and suggestions on how to practice the material
• opportunity to contact the author online if questions arise

Volume 1 includes a detailed primer on note reading, rhythmic notation, and theory basics including intervals, triads and seventh chords.

This book is based on Roberta Piket’s twenty-plus years of educational experience. In addition to her private students and her
experience coaching jazz ensembles at Long Island University, Roberta has given clinics or masterclasses at the Eastman school
of Music, Rutgers University, California Institute of the Arts, Macalester College, Duke University, The Jazz School, and countless
middle and high schools throughout the U.S., Europe and Japan.

Sound samples and additional information are made available to the reader on the publisher’s website.

An unusual feature of this book is the author's availability to answer questions on the material at the Muse Eek Publishing website, creating an interactive learning experience for the student.

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