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Jam Tracks Volume Three are backing tracks in all 12 keys by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing-Jam Track Series

Jam Tracks Volume Three

Jam Tracks Volume Three

264 Jam Tracks covering 22 Modes in all 12 Keys.

Don't overlook the application of your practice concepts to real music.

Jam Tracks are a crucial tool for your musical development and you need a variety of tracks so that your playing is not only well rounded but also keeping you inspired to practice. And playing along with a jam track is the FUN side of learning music. Take that scale or arpeggio from the printed page and bring it into the real world of music!

With Jam Tracks Volume Three, you get the most comprehensive package of jam tracks ever created. No other package gives you access to all the modern modes of music. 22 modes all 12 keys --do we need to say more? This covers all the common musical situations you will encounter in music. These Jam Tracks lean heavily on the latin and funk side of things. If you are a guitar player think Carlos Santana YES! Throw on some distortion and you can really rip with these tracks.

What makes Jam Tracks Volume Three special?

As many of you know there are 22 commonly used scales in modern music. These jam tracks cover them ALL in ALL keys. That's 264 jam tracks! These tracks were created by one of the top programmers in the country, Marty Cutler, who you might know from his extensive writing in magazines such as Guitar Player and Electronic Musician. Known worldwide for his infectious grooves and hip drum programming, Marty hits the ball out of the park with this collection. Marty concentrated on the Latin side of music with jump out of your seat grooves. These grooves will keep you inspired, making it hard to stop practicing and improvising.

Remember, applying the things you learn is where your music really starts to happen. Bring scales, arpeggios and other musical techniques that you are learning to life! Apply them in any key, with tracks that are bursting with rhythm and groove – These tracks will definitely help you ingrain your musical knowledge in a practical and permanent way

Each of the 22 tracks covers one of the crucial scales in modern music. If you are working with any of the following books Jam Tracks Volume Three is the perfect companion:

Jam Tracks Volume Three is tailor made for applying the scales covered in these books.

So if you want:

  • Infectious grooves that make it hard to stop playing and will keep you applying and improving your scale knowledge because the music keeps you involved...
  • Jam tracks that are real music and actually go somewhere; not just a boring loop -- you really feel like you're playing with a band...

Then look no further Jam Tracks Volume Three has you covered!

Here are some short clips of each of the 22 Jam Tracks MP3s:

Major Mode

Dorian Mode

Phrygian Mode

Lydian Mode

Mixolydian Mode

Aeolian Mode

Locrian Mode

Melodic Minor Ascending Mode

Dorian b2 Mode

Lydian #5 Mode

Lydian b7 Mode

Mixolydian b6 Mode

Locrian Natural Two Mode

Altered Mode

Diminished Mode

Symmetrical Diminished Mode

Whole Tone Mode

Harmonic Minor Mode

Mixolydian b2 b6 Mode

Major Pentatonic Mode

Minor Pentatonic Mode

Blues Mode

Improve your playing, apply what you are learning and improve your ear all at the same time with Jam Tracks Volume Three

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