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Jam Tracks Volume Two are backing tracks in all 12 keys by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing

Jam Tracks Volume Two

Jam Tracks Volume Two

Jam Tracks Volume Two is a crucial ingredient in applying the things you are practicing to a real musical environment.  Remember, "context" is the key to transferring your hard practiced ideas into reality.  Jam Tracks Volume Two gives you that "context" so don't miss this important step in transferring your musical ideas into real music..

Bring scales, arpeggios and other musical techniques that you are learning to life! Apply them in any key, in popular musical styles – and ingrain your musical knowledge in a practical and permanent way…

This is what Jam Tracks Volume Two can do for you …

Jam Tracks are a great tool for your musical improvement, and using a variety of Jam Tracks will add more depth to your playing. Musical concepts, theory and techniques – such as scales, arpeggios, approach notes, pitch class sets – these are all like rough, unpolished gems until you apply them.

Playing along with a jam track is the fun side of learning music while also developing your ability to apply your ideas to real music. In other words, Jam Tracks are the bridge between the printed page and the real world of music. 

That's why Jam Tracks Volume Two are a must own for anyone studying music …

With “Jam Tracks Volume Two”, you get 10 progressions in all keys … these Jam Tracks lean heavily on the rock and funk side of things. There are many unique things about these jam tracks that you don't usually find in other jam tracks.

  • Each track has been built in a way that allows you to put different kinds of scales over each track. This makes each track more useful because you can use it more than one way. There is a Scale Choice Playlist Guide PDF included to help you see the possibilities of each track …

  • 4/4 and 5/4 Jam Tracks are included to help you master odd time signature playing …

  • Each 5 minute jam track develops over time --it's not just a boring loop-- so you really feel like you're playing with a band …

10 Chord Progressions... All Keys... 120 tracks in total!

With Jam Tracks Volume Two you get 10 progressions in all keys … these Jam Tracks lean heavily on the rock and funk side of things. There are many unique things about these jam tracks that you don't usually find in other jam tracks.

And finally, all tracks are made from the pitch class set 025 so if you are into advanced improvisation these tracks give you a great palette for this particular sound.

Here are some excerpts from the 10 tracks:

Track One

Track Two

Track Three

Track Four

Track Five

Track Six

Track Seven

Track Eight

Track Nine

Track Ten

Develop your musical ideas and apply your knowledge!

No matter what you are working on, you can use these Jam Tracks to apply your knowledge in any key through some of the most popular styles of music. So whether you are focusing on Scales, Arpeggios, Approach Notes or anything else, working with these Jam Tracks will get all these concepts ingrained in a practical and permanent way.

How to Use These Jam Tracks

Wondering how to use the tracks? We're sure you'll think of countless ways, but here are just a few possibilities:

  • The Jam Tracks are a natural combination with the scale study books in our catalog. New York Guitar Method Volume One for Guitarist and Essential Scales for any instrumentalist would be excellent choices. Since these books work with applying the scales in all keys and give you both modal sequences and chord voicings, combining that information with playing against the tracks will really solidify your musicianship in these areas.
  • Jam Tracks are an essential tool when learning about Approach Notes as found in New York Guitar Method Volume Two. There is an extreme learning curve when applying Approach Note figures to specific beats within a measure. The Jam Tracks are uniquely suited to getting you through this hurdle.
  • Working with the Rhythm Series and the Jam Tracks can be a good way to understand the relationship of a printed rhythm to the real music situation presented in a Jam Track. Since the rhythm series covers 4 rhythm levels within all the books available this is an excellent chance to develop an understanding of various rhythms within each Jam Track's musical environment. Rhythm Primer and Rhythms Volume One would be the logical starting place.

Get Jam Tracks Volume today!

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