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doing-time-with-blues-volume-1-by-bruce-arnold-for-muse-eek-publishing-inc-Doing Time Rhythm Series

Doing Time with the Blues Volume One

Doing Time with the Blues Volume One

Feel Time Don't Count Time

Doing Time with the Blues Volume a must own for any instrumentalist seeking to develop a strong sense of time.

This book is part of a series of books which are designed to teach a student:

  • How to develop a better internal sense of time.
  • Feel music on a more macro level.
  • Develop an innate sense of musical form.
  • Develop a more natural feel that breathes with the music.

Doing Time with the Blues Volume One

Doing Time Rhythm Series Bundle

Get all four courses of the Doing Time Rhythm Series as a digital download for one low price!

Feel Time Don't Count Time.

All this is accomplished by requiring the student to feel time don't count time within a Blues form.  The exercises included in this course help you first develop a sense of feeling music in a larger beat.  For instance, rather than tapping your foot every beat when hearing music you are tapping every measure, two measure, four measure etc...  Once you start to feel music and relate all your melodies, harmony and rhythm to these larger beats you open up all areas of music to your interpretation within that time sense.  These exercises also develop a great sense of groove and a relaxed time feel.  These are essential ingredients to being a great Blues player or musician for that matter.  

Changing Your Sense Of Time Changes You

Being able to feel time in larger increments might seem a bit strange but think about your ability to sense time. Cook something for one minute you don't need to really look at the watch you can sense a minute give or take 5 or 10 seconds. Now think about a Blues or a 32 bar tune. A medium tempo 32 bar form takes about 40 seconds to play a chorus. It's not far fetched to think with practice you would be able to hear and feel 40 seconds. In fact it's easier than you might think. If you build up your ability starting with 2 measures then 4,6,8,12,16 you soon find yourself in a completely new time realm which will open you up as a musician to amazing new concepts of melody and harmony along with the amazing amount of relaxation that goes with this ability. This is just some of the ideas and ability that comes from working with this course along with the MetroDrone and The Big Metrodrone. The Doing Time Rhythm Series offers crucial exercises that will help develop this new sense of time.

Audio Files

The audio files for Doing Time with the Blues Volume One provide you with eight 8 minute tracks at different tempos in which the time is delineated every 2 bars, and with an extra hit every 12 bars to outline the blues form. The student may then use the exercises presented in the book to gain control of their execution or improvise to gain control of their ideas using this bare minimum of time delineation.

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Doing Time Rhythm Series Bundle

Get all four courses of the Doing Time Rhythm Series as a digital download for one low price!

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