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Single String Studies For Bass Guitar Volume Two by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Single String Studies for Bass Guitar Volume Two

Continuing the develop of four crucial aspects of learning bass guitar.

Volume Two continues the development of these 4 important bass guitar skills. Again, these are:

  • Learning the names of all the pitches on the bass guitar.
  • Connecting the notes found on a music staff to their location on the bass fretboard.
  • Knowing where the notes are on the bass guitar by feel not by sight.
  • Learning scales without relying on patterns.

The unique exercises in this book help you learn all four of these important techniques simultaneously

In Single String Studies for Bass Guitar Volume Two the exercises are similar to Volume One but now rather than using traditional 7 note scales for each exercise, you have the introduction of pitch class sets based on 013. 014, 016, 027 and combinations. For more information on pitch class sets and their relationship to modern improvisation please see Sonic Resource Guide or Mr. Arnold's My Music book. Both the aforementioned books will show you applications of pitch class sets to composition and improvisation.

Volume Two continues your development of guitar fretboard mastery by kicking these highly targeted exercises up a notch, making it a challenge for any bass guitarist at any level. Again, this book can be used by beginner, intermediate or advanced students. It's all about the speed at which you play the exercise that will determine the skill needed to play it correctly. A reminder that the Single String Studies books do require you to read music BUT the notes are all found on the same string for each exercise which actually makes it easier for a beginning student to master each exercise. All exercises use one rhythm, a repeating quarter note so you can spend all your energy playing the correct notes rather than worrying about various rhythms.

These concentrated exercises pay off with great dividends.

If you are having problem with:

  • Learning all the notes on the bass guitar.
  • Connecting the notes of the music staff to their position on the bass guitar fretboard.
  • playing notes on the bass guitar fretboard without looking.
  • Learning all the notes in common scales.

Then Single String Studies for Bass Guitar Volume Two is your ticket to mastering these techniques.

Midifiles let you hear the correct pitches and you can control the speed of the exercise.

Midifiles are included in the downloadable version of this book and are downloadable from the website for the physical version of this book. These files will help you check your accuracy. Students can also use this exercise for ear training if they incorporate the single string exercises and the audio files from MetroDrone.

A few minutes a day with this book will make a huge difference in your ability.

This book will:

  • Make negotiating the bass guitar fretboard second nature.
  • Help you learn how to connect music staff notation to your fretboard.
  • Help you learn the ledger line notes above and below the staff.
  • Help you learn all the notes in common scales.


  • Digital Edition IBSN: 978-1-59489-781-8
  • Physical Edition IBSN: 978-1-890944-06-3
  • 91 pages with downloadable midifiles to check accuracy.




  • Well call me crazy but I've worked through Single String Studies for Bass Guitar Volume One and now I'm starting Single String Studies for Bass Guitar Volume Two. So far what I see is that Volume Two really kicks it up a notch especially if you are working on these books with an acoustic bass as an intonation study. Basically you are reading 12 tone lines so it is pretty difficult. I contacted Mr. Arnold and he recommended using the MetroDrone audio files with this book to create a key center. This led me into checking out Muse-eek's ear training studies. The combination of the Single String Studies and an understanding of how Contextual Ear Training fits into the bigger picture is still something I'm getting my head around but this is getting quite deep and interesting. I'm hooked, but in a good way. S. Bergman
  • This book kicks butt! If you can read through these studies on one string with no mistakes and not look at the fretboard your a master hands down, and that's what I'm doing! A. Gorley.

  • This isn't exactly a review of Single String Studies for Bass Guitar Volume Two although I'll say up front it's excellent. I initially got into the book because I wanted to get out of position reading. One day I decided to just play these quarter note melodies in position over a one chord groove. These are unusual melodies with a very modern sound, something I really like. I contacted Mr. Arnold about this and he pointed me to the Sonic Resource Guide and the Time Transformation Book. I have found both of these to be amazing resources for anyone who wants to dig deeper into music. You may never use all the info in them, because that would take several lifetimes, I think! The point is that the single string studies are like a springboard to so many other great things. G. Aranofsky



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  • Each student has different goals and reasons for working with the Single String Studies for recommendations for further study please contact Mr. Arnold at the link at bottom of page.



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