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Comping Styles for Bass Guitar Volume Two: Funk by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Comping Styles for Bass Guitar Volume Two: Funk

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Ask yourself these questions?

  • Are you having problems getting into the groove when you are playing Funk bass lines?
  • Are you having problems with your sixteenth note feel
  • Do you want to get funkier with your playing but don't know where to start?
  • Do you want to improve your sixteenth note sight reading skills?
  • Do you want to learn some cool chord progressions and develop a deep groove at the same time?

If the answer is YES then Comping Styles for Bass Guitar Volume Two: Funk is your ticket to becoming a funky grooving bass guitarist. Funk is a crucial style of contemporary playing for guitarist and is used by bands from classic James Brown to artists like Dave Mathews. If you feel your rhythm needs work or if you want to get people up on their feet and dancing then this is the book to get you there. You will have 36 chord progressions to develop your groove using the Blues, Minor Blues and "Rhythm Changes" in all keys. The book is recommended for intermediate to advanced bass guitarists who have a fair knowledge chord progressions and can read music.

What do you get with Comping Styles for Bass Guitar Volume Two: Funk

  • 36 chord progression progression with audio files in a trio setting of Guitar, Bass and Drums.
  • Each chord progression is presented using regular staff notation.
  • Twelve 12 Bar Blues chord progressions. One in each key.
  • Twelve 12 Bar Minor Blues chord progressions. One in each key.
  • Funky "Rhythm Changes." One in each key.
  • A serious workout with sixteenth note groove which will help both your feel and your reading skills

Get your groove on today with this great book!

You'll learn 36 chord progressions to help you learn the style. You'll work with many common tempos used, from the slow R&B laid back funk style to the fast Tower of Power "funky till you can't stand it" grooves.  This graduated method lets you develop your ability slowly and audio files are included to help you hear this style and catch your mistakes


  • Digital Edition IBSN: 978-1-59489-778-8
  • Physical Edition IBSN: 978-1-890944-08-7
  • 113 pages: Digital download has 36 MP3s. Physical book has one CD with 36 tracks




  • I've been playing bass about one year and have had a few auditions where I needed to play sixteenth note grooves. I was all over the place with my time so I got Comping Styles for Bass Guitar Volume Two: Funk to help me develop my feel but also get my reading of sixteenth notes together. I found this to be a very useful book. Reading is not easy but not crazy either so it was about right for my current level. If you want a good book to get you started on playing Funk and sixteenth note grooves this one works real well. A bonus was I learned a lot about alternate chord changes for a Blues and Minor Blues. W. Jipp
  • I have been working through the Muse-eek's Rhythm Series and wanted more work with sixteenth notes. This book is a good workout and chord progressions were very cool. Highly Recommend! H. Galore
  • I contacted Bruce a few years ago about recommended material to use to get my sight reading together. He recommended the Rhythms Volume One, Rhythms Volume Two and Comping Styles for Bass Guitar Volume Two: Funk. He recommended I play these progressions with my fingers and with slapping. The rhythms are fairly simple especially if you compare them to Rhythms Volume Two which has some serious's all good stuff. E. Dudley.
  • Well first if you can't read don't get this book, you certainly will need some reading skills as this book is written with staff notation. Mostly 2 and 4 measure bass patterns so once you get the rhythm pattern down the progression is fairly easy. Rhythm Changes progressions have some great reharms! Overall a good book for basic funk rhythms. G. Kohler
  • I've been working with Comping Styles for Bass Guitar Volume Two: Funk and the Rhythm Ear Training Video Course. I like both books. I felt I really needed to get my reading together and get my rhythms more accurate. Both these courses have really shown me my weak points which is exactly what I was looking for. P. Bartlett.



Get started with Comping Styles for Bass Guitar Volume Two: Funk and get your groove happening!

Status: In stock, physical book ships in 24 hours. Digital book is available for immediate access.








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