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Music Theory Interval Recognition by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Music Theory Interval Recognition.

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Make music theory into a natural language.

These 306 MP3 files quiz you on the interval relationships between notes. For instance you would be asked "What is the fifth of G." The answer will then be given approximately one second later. These MP3s go through all common key centers along with some uncommon key centers.

You are also quizzed on flat and sharped intervals. For instance "What is the flat 2 of Bb" or "What is the Sharp 1 of Bb." By working through all these relationships you will gain a very important skill that will be very useful in you musical development.

Hear or see the answers.

Each file has the answer in it's title so you will not only hear the answer but also be able to look at your MP3 player to check the correct answer. We have also supplied a PDF file containing all the answers to the files. It is recommend that you work through these files with either the Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One or the New York Guitar Method if you are a guitarist. This book will give you the background information on how intervals are built or for other instrumentalist or vocalists you should use The Music Theory Workbook for all Instruments.

Develop instant recognition of crucial Music Theory information.

This book will give you:

  • The ability to quickly identify or calculate any interval in any key.
  • The confidence that you know your music theory and can calculate it quickly and accurately.
  • The needed skills to move into the advanced ear training exercises and be able to think as fast as you hear.

A Black Belt in Music Theory hands down.

These MP3s help you prove to yourself that you have the skills to be asked an interval and say the correct answer within a short period of time. These files will give you a black belt in music theory hands down.

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