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Complete Blues Comping Major and Minor for Guitar by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Complete Blues Comping both Major and Minor.

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Develop many important musicianship skills simultaneously with this course!

The purpose of this course is to have one exercise that improves multiple aspects of your musicianship at the same time.

  • Improve your ability to hear the entire chord progression in one key center.
  • Improve your ability to consistently play in time.
  • Developed a student's ability to have the right feel when playing in a triplet based style.
  • Improve the students harmonic palette so that they can hear more complicated types of key centers.
  • Develop a sense of form so that a student can feel a 12 bar chord progression rather than count through each measure
  • Develop your timing skills so that you don't speed up or slow down when playing chord progressions.
  • Develop soloing skills so that you know where you are within a 12 bar Major or Minor Blues.
  • Develop a student's ability to play in a duet situation.

How it works.

First thing to realize that this is a fun course. You are actually getting to play music while developing all the skills listed above. The MP3s play the chord progression one chorus then there is only a metronome clicking on 2 and 4 for one chorus. The student improvises or comps the changes during this chorus. The accompanying chords then come in and play the next chorus of changes. By working with these MP3 files you will develop a feel for both a Major and Minor 12 bar blues form.

  • For guitarist or pianists it is recommended that you improvise using a simple blues scale while listening to the chords. The next chorus you will only hear a metronome and it is during this time that you should play the chords.
  • If you play a non-chordal instrument then you should again improvise with a simple blues scale while listening to the chords and then arpeggiate each chord while thinking what the notes are in the overall key center for each note.

A great companion for Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume One

The Chord Progressions found in this download are the same as the Major and Minor Blues Progressions in Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume One and New York Guitar Method Volume One. This download contains 12 Major Blues Progressions and 12 Minor Blues Progressions in PDF format and 24 MP3s.

Proof is in the playing!

If you can play along with these files without making a mistake you are ready to play a duet with someone or play with a band. The skills developed with these MP3s is what it takes to bring you to a professional level when playing the blues.

Proof positive that you are ready to play with others.

Complete Blues Comping both Major and Minor Develops many skills simultaneously. A students ear training, time, feel, harmonic palette, sense of form and ability to play with others is all developed at the same time. This course uses a Major and Minor Blues chord progression to instill the skills. A Major and Minor Blues chord progression is of course found in almost any style of music. Therefore the MP3s will give you the experience and the confidence that you need to play with others while at the same time improving the aforementioned skill set.

Get Complete Blues Comping both Major and today!

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