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Ear Training
Ear Training: Blues Guitar by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Blues Guitar Ear Training Series...

Contains two books. One Listening and One Singing Book.

Develop your listening and your singing ability at the same time you master the blues faster.

Blues Guitar Ear Training One Note Listening Course

Blues Guitar Ear Training One Note gives you listening exercises to develop your ability to hear notes using a bluesy key center and a nice fat blues guitar sound

Become a great Blues Man quicker by improving your ear:

  • If you really want to PLAY THE BLUES … you have to have it in your soul and IN YOUR EAR.
  • You can bet the early blues players probably didn't study theory … but they lived in the blues every single day, and knew the sound so well so that they could hear, feel, and play it effortlessly …
  • How can you do the same, without spending a lifetime getting there?
  • How can you get to the heart of the BLUES sound and play creatively within it?

The Blues Guitar Ear Training One Note Book is the answer ….

All it takes is a few minutes of your spare time each day listening to the Blues Guitar Ear Training MP3s.

In this "Contextual" based ear mastery method, you will memorize the sound of the blues as you develop your ability to hear what each note sounds like in a key center.

Mastering the Blues Key Center.

The Blues has a highly specific key center based around a dominant chord 1,3,5,b7. Learning to identify this kind of key center is essential to hearing those classic blues licks and chord progressions.

All the great blues players heard the blues this way so why not join them and learn music by using your ear …

What The Blues Guitar Ear Training One Note Course contains:

The Blues Guitar Ear Training One Note Course contains:

  • 184 MP3s utilizing four common "blues turnarounds."
  • 48 exercises for each of the 4 turnarounds.
  • Turnarounds that establish the Mixolydian key center which is at the heart of the Blues

Get started today with the Blues Guitar Ear Training One Note Course

You'll be working directly with the sound of the blues which is essential to developing your ear mastery.

Digital IBSN: 978-1-59489-679-8

184 MP3s and 39 page PDF

Status: In stock, Digital book is available for immediate access.

Singing the Blues Contextual Ear Training for Guitar

Recommended prerequisite.

  • 50% ability on Fanatic's Guide to Sight Singing and Ear Training or Contextual Ear Training One Note exercise.

Don't forget this crucial side of ear training.

Even if you don't want to be a blues singer working on some singing exercise will make all the difference in your blues guitar playing:

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you love to sing the Blues with all your heart and soul?
  • Would you love to TOTALLY HEAR the Blues on a deep level?
  • Absorb it’s unique tonality?
  • And be able to express everything you hear and love through singing the Blues?

Now you can with:

Singing the Blues… a NEW and TOTALLY UNIQUE ear training program shows you how to
HEAR the Blues and translate that into your SINGING.

With “Singing the Blues”, you’ll learn:

  • How to hear every note from within the traditional Blues key center …
  • How to ABSORB the unique Blues tonality through direct application singing exercises ...
  • How to control your musical expression through the Blues and singing …

A Blues progression creates a unique tonal center. This "Blue" tonal center is heard everywhere in
modern pop music and developing your ear to hear within this context is the key to being a great blues musician.

Direct application singing exercises

The best way to absorb this unique Blues tonality is through direct application singing exercises that
require you to sing pitches within five classic blues progressions. Mastering these exercises will give
you the control and understanding to express everything you hear and love in the blues.

Develop your ear an organic way.

These simple but crucial exercises give you the path to really understanding and hearing the Blues in
an organic way. You will cement your Blues understanding through the use of classic Organ Trio, Guitar Trio
and Piano Trio. This will place you in a real bluesy situation and then prompt you to sing notes.

Do ear training in a real musical environment

Singing and hearing in a real musical environment is really the best way to improve BOTH your singing,
and your playing.

As Bruce Arnold says "If you can "sing" the blues you can "play" the blues" …

And there is no better way to develop this than with these direct application exercise expressed through
these classic chord progressions.

Keep in mind

This course only has MP3s and it assumes you have been working with the "Contextual Ear Training Method" book or the
"one note" exercise found in the "Fanatic's Guide to Sight Singing and Ear Training." to understand how to do this type of ear training. It is recommended
that you are getting about 50% correct notes with the "one note" exercise in the aforementioned book(s) before attempting these singing

A few minutes a day can make all the difference!

All you need is just a few minutes a day singing through the exercises to reach the level of mastery you
are aiming for. Develop your ability through this "Contextual" based ear mastery method and you will
memorize the sound of the blues and develop of your ability to sing each note within this unique key center.

Five classic Blues progressions in all 12 keys.

There are five Blues progressions found in this download. Each chord progression is found in all 12 keys.
You are prompted to sing a note then you will hear the right note played by a fat, Chicago style guitar sound
to keep you in that bluesy spirit.


Please note: this is not a "learn how to sing course" covering breath support,
vocal technique etc... but an ear training method that requires you to sing pitches with a key center.

Status: In stock, Digital book is available for immediate access.

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