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Ear Training One Note by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Ear Training One Note

Ear Training One Note our most popular Ear Training Series

The idea of hearing sound based on a "key center" as opposed to an "interval" really began a revolution in the way musicians perceive sound. Most seasoned musicians hear this way naturally after years of playing but with Ear Training One Note a student can fast forward their learning so that they can experience 30 years of ear training in a fraction of the time.

A complete transformation of musical perception with this ear training concept.

You will see from reading the reviews that this system of ear training has changed many musicians' careers. Even students that are just beginning with music have found that it completely transforms the way they hear music.

Hearing within a key center

If you are just becoming aware of the this idea of "hearing within a key center" let's look at a little history of ear training for musicians. The "Interval" method of Ear Training has been taught in music schools for literally hundreds of years and rarely been questioned. This method is based on hearing the distance between each note with no regard to a key center. The problem with this approach is pretty simple. If you are just strictly just using intervals for ear training you will develop a host of problems.

A detailed discussion

There is a detailed discussion of "interval" vs. "key center" ear training in the book that accompanies all our entry level ear training books. Make sure to read this and our FAQs to understand all different aspects of ear training.

The essence of this "key center" method.

By learning the sound of all 12 notes within a "key center" you develop a completely different way of approaching ear training. With the "key center" method if you hear an "E" played in the key of C, you are not thinking that the note is four half steps above the root or in some interval relationship to any other note --your are recognizing the sound of a 3rd because you have memorized that sound within a "key center."

Ear Training One Note Series teaches you the "Key Center" process.

By working with the audio files in the Ear Training One Note Series over time, you gain the ability to recognize the sound of all 12 notes with a "key center." For some students this will be a quick and painless rebooting of the way they hear sound; for others it can be a frustrating path with many possible pitfalls.

Ear Training is a two pronged process.

You need to work on identifying sound as you hear it from an external source as well as the sounds you hear in your head when you are improvising or composing. With this in mind we have created a whole series of books that develop these two aspects of ear training. They basically boil down to listening exercises and singing exercises.

Listening and Singing exercises.

Listening exercises teach you to identify the sounds from external sources such as another band member or a song that you are hearing on your MP3 player. Singing exercises help you identify the sounds you hear inside you when you are singing, improvising or composing. You need both sides of ear training to become a great musician. The good news is they complement each other so the more you work on one, the more it will the help the other.

The different Ear Training One Note books that are available.

Because musicians are coming to this ear training with so many diverse backgrounds and abilities over the years we have created a lot of different books to help them get the method that is most beneficial given their current ability. Of course this can't be a perfect system because frequently a student isn't even aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. But we have done our best to give all students books and audio files that will help them target their problems without wasting time and money.

Our most common recommendation.

Because "key center" based ear training can be a completely new idea to even advanced musicians, we always feel that the best idea is to start from the beginning so that no crucial details or concepts are overlooked. The most common problem we have is from musicians who "think" they have more advanced ear training skills than they actually have, or think that knowing about ear training is the same as having the ability to simply hear. It has also been common for students to start at one level and realize they need to go to a higher or lower level. Based on these years of experience we have tried to create a path through our ear training method that takes all of this into consideration.

Before we get started...

Let's first talk about how you will be doing this ear training. We have found that the best way to do this ear training is with an MP3 player. It allows for many more ways to organize the audio files and is very portable. We do offer physical books and CDs with with some of our ear training products but we HIGHLY recommend you not take this path with our ear training method. Digital downloads are a much better way to study this ear training because MP3s are much less expensive, easier to organize and cost half as much as physical books with CDs. Because they are more portable you can take them just about anywhere, giving you that much more access to practice time. We also have many ear training products that are ONLY available as digital downloads so it just makes more sense to go the digital route. So unless you REALLY only can use a CD player we sincerely recommend that you buy digital downloads of our ear training products.

Listening and Singing: the two crucial aspects of Ear Training.

We usually recommend a listening and a singing book to begin you Ear Training studies. These two books are:

Ear Training One Note Complete and Contextual Ear Training

We recommend Ear Training One Note Complete because it contain three levels of exercises: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. This ensures that you can find the appropriate level to start on without having to re-purchase another book if the one you bought is too easy or too hard. Please keep in mind that you may be an advanced musician but have severe ear training problems or a beginning student with excellent aural skills. This is why we recommend the Complete version. You move from one level to another as you get 80% correct answers. All three levels give you the same exercises. Each level doubles the speed of the exercise thereby making it twice as difficult.

Status: In stock, Physical book ships in 24 hours. Digital book is available for immediate access.


Contextual Ear Training for the singing part of the ear training method.

Status: In stock, Physical book ships in 24 hours. Digital book is available for immediate access.


Buy these books and then contact Mr. Arnold with a detailed explanation of your level and goals.

Ear Training is very specialized to a students goals and abilities. It makes a lot more sense to use the contact information at the bottom of this page to contact Bruce after you have purchased these books to see what other products you might consider and how to organize your practice.

Some customers may prefer to take an incremental approach to this ear training method.

We have also found over the years that for many reasons customers may prefer an incremental approach to getting involved with this ear training method. To satisfy this we have broken the Ear Training One Note Complete book up into 3 different books. While not the most cost effective way to approach this ear training it can be advantageous to the advanced student that just wants to dive into the most advanced part of the One Note Method.

Alternate purchase plan for: Ear Training One Note Complete

Ear Training One Note is available as three separate books which can be digitally downloaded or bought as physical books. Again we recommend the Ear Training One Note Complete but if you prefer you can purchase the each level of the Complete method separately below:

Ear Training One Note Beginning

Ear Training One Note Beginning is recommended for any customer that has no previous musical training.

Status: In stock, Physical book ships in 24 hours. Digital book is available for immediate access.


Ear Training One Note Intermediate

Ear Training One Note Intermediate is recommended for anyone who has some previous musical training, understands the basic building blocks of music, how scales are built, the 12 notes that are used in western music and knows the names of all 12 pitches.

Status: In stock, Physical book ships in 24 hours. Digital book is available for immediate access.


Ear Training One Note Advanced

Ear Training One Note Advanced is for a musician that has a strong background in music and is an intermediate to advanced player, who has a good background in music theory and can easily process the relationships of all 12 notes within a key center.

Status: In stock, Physical book ships in 24 hours. Digital book is available for immediate access.


Super Advanced Levels of One Note Ear Training are also available.

We have also created two super advanced level of One Note Ear Training which we recommend to use after you are getting 80% correct answers on the Ear Training One Note Advanced exercises. These advanced files have a few unique features that are not available in the Ear Training One Note Book(s) previously mentioned.
  • They test you in both a major and a minor key center.
  • The "Degrees" advanced level asks you to name degree names rather than note names.
  • The "Extreme" advanced level plays the exercises twice as fast as the Ear Training One Note Advanced level.
  • These two additional exercises are only available as digital downloads.

Ear Training One Note with Degrees.

The digital download below will give you 99 MP3s that quiz you with One Note Ear Training in a major key center but ask you to respond with the degree of the key center rather than the note name. There is another set of 99 MP3s that quiz you in the same way but with a minor key center. Usually beginning students have a hard time with minor key centers so again wait till you are getting 80% correct answers on the Ear Training One Note Advanced files before attempting these exercises.

Status: In stock, Digital book is available for immediate access.

Ear Training One Note Extreme.

This digital download gives you exercises in both a major and a minor key center but at twice the speed of Ear Training One Note Advanced. Recommended after you complete Ear Training One Note Advanced.

Status: In stock, Digital book is available for immediate access.

Bruce Arnold is here to help you through the process.

Some students can fly through this ear training with no problem. But many musicians need some help. Knowing this, Mr. Arnold offers email support for students as they work through this process. So rest assured as you enter this ear training method that you are not alone, and you can get expert help if you run into problems.

Helping musician for almost two decades!

This method has been helping musicians for almost 20 years now. It's one of the best selling methods Ear Training systems on the market. Simply put: It is successful because it works! BUT the secret weapon is Bruce Arnold. He is only an email way to help you. If you are a beginning or an advanced student seeking to perfect your skills, you can call on Bruce to help you through this process.

The FAQs

Over the years we have developed a FAQs resource containing thousands of questions that students have asked over the years. These FAQs are searchable by key word and we recommend that you read these FAQs because they will give you:  
  • A more complete understanding of the method.
  • An insight into the problems and solutions others have had with this ear training.
  • Encouragement and determination that you can do this, and that it just takes daily dedication.
  • The proof that EVERYONE that has really put their mind to it has mastered this ear training without exception.
  • The reason why dedicating a short amount of time each day: 5 to 10 minutes 5 to 10 times a day will be all it takes to master this ear training.

Bruce Arnold's Blog

Mr. Arnold's Blog on ear training and other musical topics can be very useful to learn about our ear training products. Some of the topics covers are linked below.

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Our ear training books are available worldwide at different on-line stores. It is important to realize that there are physical versions of our books available that don't include the CDs. The book will plainly state in the description that it doesn't include a CD(s). In those cases you can either purchase a CD from or digitally download it from our website or itunes. If you have lost a CD or it's become damaged you can also order or download replacements. Please find links to other ear training products associated with the "One Note Series" below:

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