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30 practice tips by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

30 Practice Tips: Video Course

30 Practice Tips videos give insight into how to get more from your practicing.


  • Stuck in a rut with your practicing?
  • Can't figure out why you're not improving as quickly as you want?
  • Got limited time to practice and want to get the most out of what you have?

Then you need 30 Practice Tips: Video Course a guide to maximizing the time you spend practicing your instrument. Your practice time is not just a time to drill and exercise. It is a deeply introspective time as well, when you not only commune with your instrument and learn to play it, but find out about your own strengths and weaknesses --and even how you learn.

Get the experience of 45 years of playing and 30 years of teaching.

Bruce Arnold has culled from his 45 years as a guitarist and over thirty years of teaching to bring you these 30 tips, in friendly, conversational videos that cover not just the common problems you may encounter, but also ways to make your practice time the the most productive and satisfying part of your day.

If you are a guitarist we also highly recommend that you also work with the Guitar Technique and Physiology Course so that you learn with proper technique.  This course gives you a comprehensive approach to playing guitar and includes a videos on all aspects of guitar playing.

Cover all the important aspects of playing.

These tips cover technique and physical development, how to organize your practicing on a micro and macro level, the best approach to master fast playing, rhythm problems, sight reading and even the psychological aspect of practicing and playing.

Below is sample clip

Short term and Long Term Memory

[ytplayer id=10723]

Good for beginners or advanced students.

Whether you are just starting out, or have been playing for years, if your practice time is not giving you the satisfaction and results you crave, then 30 Practice Tips: Video Course is a must own.

Videos cover all aspects of practicing

30 Practice Tips: Video Course course will get you out of your rut or help you break through common problems all musicians have when trying to reach their goals.

Get 30 Practice Tips: Video Course TODAY!

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