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Set Theory for Improvisation 027016 by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Set Theory for Improvisation Ensemble Method: Hexatonic 027 016

Want to develop a new way to improvise?.

Through written examples the "Set Theory Ensemble Book" series teaches you how to develop hexatonic melodies uses non-tertial melodic lines that go in and out of the key center. This is the backbone to creating modern sounding melodic lines. Each etude helps you hear various possibilities. This book is very good for finding good melodies to play over Dominant 7th, Minor 7b5 and Minor 6th chords.

12 études using an 027 016 pitch class set.

The "Set Theory Ensemble Book" series examines many aspects of creating melodic lines and chordal accompaniments using various music theory constructs. Each book concentrates on one concept and explores various combinations of note groupings, rhythms, metric level, melodic range and density. There are 12 études, one in each key, which can be played over a variety of chords. These études range from highly diatonic to non-diatonic examples, depending on the organization of the material. The more diatonic examples occur at the beginning of each book. The chord that you choose to play with each example will determine the relative dissonance.

Modernize your playing with Set Theory for Improvisation Ensemble Method: Hexatonic 027 016

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