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Music Theory Workbook All Instruments Volume One: Chord and Interval Construction

Music Theory Workbook for All Instruments Volume One the perfect introduction to music theory.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you just starting out with music and need to learn music theory from the ground up?
  • Do you need a method that doesn't just talk at you but involves you in the process completely with exercises to help engrain the information each step along the way?
  • Have other music theory methods left you scratching your head because they've been written in way that expects you to have prior knowledge?
  • Do you want a method that supplies exercises with the answer in the back of the book, so that you can check your work?

If any of these apply to you, Music Theory Workbook for All Instruments Volume One will give you:

  • Music theory explained in simple, clear language.
  • Music theory information that builds through a logical system.
  • Exercises that will ingrain this information so that music theory becomes so much a second nature that it's a reflex.

Beginning or intermediate students will find this to a perfect tool for learning music.

Music Theory Workbook for All Instruments Volume One is an excellent learning tool for both the beginner who has no experience with music theory and the intermediate student looking to expand their knowledge of music theory and finally memorize how each chord is built and be able to access this information instantly. You will:

  • Learn the simple construction of basic intervals to advanced chord structures that all students need to know to understand contemporary music.
  • Learn how music is organized to help in composing.
  • Understand chord structures and the the notes that are commonly used to built both simple and complex structures.

The unique approach with this book will help you to make music theory into a natural language through its targeted exercises.

With each concept presented you will be required to write out and play exercises on your own instrument. This process has proven to be the best way to retain this kind of information. All answers are provided, enabling you to check your own work.

Get started with Music Theory Workbook for All Instruments today and make music theory a natural second language.

Status: In stock, Digital book is available for immediate access.

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