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Jazz and Blues Bass Lines by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Jazz and Blues Bass Lines

Bass lines are one of the most important aspects of music.

Understanding how to play and build them is crucial for any instrumentalist not just bassists. Jazz and Blues Bass lines will show you all the info you need to get started. So if you want to:

  • Learn some simple bass lines to get your through a Blues or Jazz gig?
  • Learn the building blocks of making great bass lines not just learn a bunch of notes by memory where you have no idea what you playing?
  • Hear the bass lines you are learning played by a great bass player so you can hear what they sound like?
  • Learn to read music on the bass to expand your gigging possibilities?
  • Practice your bass clef reading?
  • Develop bass line skills so you can accompany another instrument?

If these are the things you are looking for then this book is exactly right for you. This book is a high potency method for a bass guitarist or any instrumentalist who is seeking develop interesting and intriguing bass lines.

Learn one of the main secrets of playing great bass lines.

There are many possible ways to construct jazz bass lines. This book explores one of those possible ways in depth. The method is built upon the use of chord tones, approach notes and basic re-harmonization techniques.

Three forms common to the jazz idiom are used to explore this method; the Blues, Minor Blues and Rhythm Changes. A detailed explanation of the components of building a bass line note by note is included as well as an explanation of the theory behind basic re-harmonization.

This book also contains a section on the proper scale to use for each chord, with all chord types including available tensions and avoid notes. With that information you can start building your own bass lines.

Have questions before buying or as you work through the book you can always ask the author Bruce Arnold to help you and make suggestions.

Play along with audio recordings to get the right feel.

The book includes 36 audio files played by the renowned bassist Steve Lucas. He plays each progression at a moderate tempo. All charts are written in standard notation (no TAB) so it will get you ready for your first studio session or hone your skills to capture any gig where reading is involved.

Here is an example of the Ab Blues MP3

[s3bubbleAudioSingle bucket="" track="mp3/05_AbBlues.mp3" autoplay="false" download="false" style="plain" preload="auto"/]

These bassline MP3s are also very useful if you put them into any audio program that can loop an audio file. i.e. Garageband etc... You can then use them as a jam track to work on playing chords or soloing over the bassline.

Master your Bassline playing Today!

Status: In stock, physical book ships in 24 hours. Digital book is available for immediate access.



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