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1st Steps for a Beginning Guitarist by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company guitar beginners

Guitar Beginners

1st Steps for a Beginning Guitarist

with free audio files, MIDI files and video available online in our member's area.

Whether you watched the video above or not the Bottom Line... this book is unique. You will find no other book that presents so much information in such a clear and accessible way. Whether you learn best by reading notation, reading diagrams, watching videos or listening to audio this method has it all.

If the answer is YES then 1st Steps for the Beginning Guitarist is exactly what you have been looking for.

1st Steps for the Beginning Guitarist... is different. All guitar beginners no matter what you problem is, can get answers and you will find that a whole member's area has been created to help you get those answers along with the added bonus of a sending the author an email to get help.

Mr. Arnold is famous for his in-depth email communications with students. More importantly 100's of videos and MP3s have been created to help you through any problems. What if you are having problems playing chords so they sound good or you can't get your strumming and your chords to sync up. You need more than just an email, you need someone to show you through videos and audio files how to get past your problem. This is exactly what you get with 1st Steps for a Beginning Guitarist This is distance learning in hyperdrive. Years of questions have created a resource second to none to help you get on track!

What is inside 1st Steps for a Beginning Guitarist?

OK so you have a problem where a video or an audio file or an additional PDF would help you understand something better. Where are you going to get that information? The MEMBER'S AREA to the rescue!

Let's look at some examples of guitar beginners files found in the member's area.

Both Open and Barre Positions for Major, Minor, and Dominant Chords with videos showing common problems student have in playing these chords.

Below is a video showing you some of the common problems found with a C Major Chord.

10 graduated chord progressions to apply newly learned chords with 30 MP3s links per chord progression. These MP3s allow the student to hear the chord progression and slowly develop speed and dexterity. Each chord progression contains 3 different strumming styles using the hard rock, rock, folk, blues and country styles.

Help files: From Videos to Mp3s to Midifiles 1st Steps has it all.

Here is a couple of examples of MP3s that can be played or downloaded to help you learn each chord progression.

If you are just getting started here is an extremely slow example of "Knocking on Heaven's Door." This will help you to develop your time and give you the extra time to finger each chord.

Here is a faster example of "Knocking on Heaven's Door." As you get faster at changing chords you can play with the faster MP3s for this chord progression

Now you can graduate to playing the chords once per bar rather than once every two bars.

Then speed up the chords once every bar.

Once you have mastered these two easier rhythms you can start working on the final rhythm for the song.

Then finally you can speed up your chord progression with the final rhythm

There are 8 MP3s for each level and an extremely slow version so no matter where you are at with your playing you can find a comfortable level to start. This will really help you to master your coordination of both hands when playing chords.

So what are people saying and how to they feel about working with 1st Steps for a Beginning Guitarist?

If you are one of the many guitar beginners you can reach your goals. Keep yourself on track. Get an answer to any question that pops up. Learn some great music and have people turning their heads when you start to play.

Get 1st Steps for a Beginning Guitarist and get on the path to playing music

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