Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One Video Course

Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One Video Course

This massive course includes:

  • 130 Videos: 83 video lessons specific to each exercise, and 47 videos with Bruce explaining the basics of Music Theory from the ground up, in simple, clear language.
  • PDF of Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One – gives you comprehensive exercises to master music theory and its application to the guitar fret board.


These additional PDFs:

  • How to apply Music Theory.
  • Explaining Diatonic Chords and why they are important.
  • Basics of reading music
  • Writing Intervals: a clear explanation of why certain accidentals are used in writing music. (an important subject that is rarely covered)
  • All note and staff locations on the guitar fret board.
  • How to find the right notes for the music theory exercises on the guitar fret board.
  • Pages of alternate answers to many exercises, to get you started in the right direction.
  • Blank music exercise pages that can be used to do further exercises or to redo pages.

A course where:

  • Each concept presented in the text is explained again with a video. Bruce’s clear, informative lessons will ensure that you understand each concept fully.
  • Each aspect of music theory is related to real music so you understand why it’s important to know.
  • Each exercise has a video that explains each chord type and how you can use it in real music so you can apply it right away.
  • You are led through each idea in the book with a video that explains whether the concept presented is crucial information or just background information to give you a fuller understanding of the subject. This make learning much easier.
  • Each idea presented gives you concrete reasons and examples why the material is important which in turn gives you added incentive to learn it.

Why this is a must own:

  • Make music theory a language that you know naturally. No more thinking about note relationships. You will know it just as you know how to speak in your native tongue.
  • Clear up any grey areas about music theory that have hounded you for years.
  • Material is presented in a logical, clear and concise way. Nothing is assumed! No big fancy words that have you scrabbling to find out what they mean.
  • Understand the music from the ground up.

If you are unfamiliar with our Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One Book then you will find additional information below:

Have you ever wished you could better understand the guitar’s fret board, so that you could:

  • See it as an interconnected map in your mind’s eye …
  • Instantly apply that roadmap to great solos – improvised not by accident, but totally by YOUR design
  • Understand chords and without hesitation, construct both simple and complex chords on the fly starting anywhere on the fret board
  • Can you imagine what such abilities could do for your confidence and your playing?

Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One” creates just this type of seamless marriage between your visual knowledge of the guitar fret board and your understanding of the music theory behind what you are playing …

Both guitar fret board diagrams and traditional music notation are used to help you learn music theory. You can SEE, COMPARE and UNDERSTAND how notes look on your guitar fret board and on a music staff at the same time.

This crucial combination will be your secret weapon to learning music theory quickly and easily AND retaining it with no problems.

The unique approach of this book has been used by thousands of guitarists to conquer the intricacies of the guitar fret board. With time and application, the mystery disappears and you can not only understand music theory but also see it and know how to use it on your guitar.

This ability will revolutionize your playing …

With only a few minutes a day working with the “Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One.”

You will master the ability to:

  • Pick up what others are playing on the guitar by sight more rapidly …
  • See all intervals and chords by sight on the guitar …
  • Understand music theory and be IN SYNC with your fellow musicians …
  • Make music theory a natural process as you see it on your guitar …
  • Build a solid foundation for great solos, comping and great composing …
  • See, understand and build countless chord combinations, from simple to complex, starting anywhere on your guitar fretboard …
  • Understand how the notes on the guitar fret board relate to notes found on a music staff …
  • Understand key signatures …
  • Understand the names of all intervals …
  • You will also have access to the member’s area where you will find free PDFs to help you learn and apply music theory.

You’ll have access to additional materials that:

  • Show all the notes found on the guitar and their related positions on the musical staff …
  • Help you further understand the two different ways to figure out the notes found in any chord type …
  • Provide exercises to apply music theory to your instrument …
  • Further your understanding of the correct method for building intervals, and naming intervals with the correct spelling …
  • Explain diatonic chords and their importance in the music you play …

Plus you’ll receive videos showing how to apply the information learned in Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One to the guitar fret board and Help Files for learning to read music. In addition, all possible alternate answers to the exercises are

It’s not uncommon to find guitarists who have worked through this book skipping past multiple levels of college theory classes, and
going into advanced placement. You will have a black belt in music theory in no time and remember it forever because it will be part
of you when you play your guitar.

The Theory section of this book uses extremely simple language to explain the basics of music theory. The exercises require the student to write out the problem or example using staff notation, and then to find those notes on a guitar fret board diagram.

This book takes the student through simple interval examples to highly complex chords, and unlike any other workbook used in academia, the answers to all problems are found in the back of the book. All theory is made to apply directly to the fret board of the guitar, thus ingraining the information in both the head and the hands.

Get the Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One Video Course Today and change your whole guitar perspective!!

Get Started today and learn music theory and apply it directly to your guitar fret board!

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