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Muse Eek Publishing offers Music Education Gift Certificates through paypal.  This is an excellent way to give someone you love the power of music education to change their life. Muse Eek offers some of the most comprehensive and ground breaking books which help students reach their true potential. Since Mr. Arnold also gives free email support you know that any questions will be answered. Please check out our FAQ section to see a list of some of the questions he has answered. If you need help in deciding what products a student should have so that you can calculate the amount of gift certificate please send us an email.

It’s Easy to Purchase a Music Education Gift Certificate!

Buying a Music Education Gift Certificates is easy: Just click on PayPal Gift Certificate button below. You will be able to either send the gift certificate via email or print it out to give to the recipient.

When Purchasing a Music Education Gift Certificate What is a Good Amount?

A good price range for our book products is $25.00.  A majority of our courses are under $25.00 so this gives a person a lot of choices.  If you are planning on giving a Music Education Gift Certificate for one of our artist’s CD then $10.00 is a good starting point.

Remember Mr. Arnold also gives lesson both in person and through Skype.  These lessons are $60.00 per 1/2 hour or $120.00 per hour.  This is an excellent gift for any student because they get personal contact with Mr. Arnold  It is recommend that a student take an hour lesson if it is their first time with Mr. Arnold.  This gives both Mr. Arnold and the student time to discuss the students goals and get to know all the information that will help a student to get the materials that are exactly targeted to their goals.


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If you would like to learn more about the Music Education Gen


Explore the Historic Lineage of Music Education Products specializes in the publication of music workbooks, video courses and sound and video recordings that teach the foundation of good musicianship through groundbreaking and innovative methods along with traditional methods that have been taught for centuries. These historic methods date back through centuries of great musicians and educators. To see these interesting relationship please see Bruce Arnold’s Music Genealogy Chart which tells you a lot about the where many of his educational ideas took root and some of the educational pillars that are evident throughout the books you find on this website.