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p>Practice Perfect™ Applied Ear Training Volume One

Exercises for an applied music environment

Practice Perfect™ Applied Ear Training Volume One

Practice Perfect™ Applied Ear Training Volume One Today!

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What is Practice Perfect™?

The Practice Perfect™ series of books provides multiple ways for a musician to hone their skills through exercises that teach using real time application within a music environment. That is, these exercises place a musician in a real live music situation simulating the contexts most associated with performance.

There are crucial conditions that the Practice Perfect™ series of books require for success:

  • The musician who participates the Practice Perfect™ series MUST follow the directions for the proper use of the audio files.
  • The musician participating in the Practice Perfect™ series of books MUST understand the importance of “context” when learning.
  • The musician participating in the Practice Perfect™ series MUST understand the cognitive skill sets needed for effective learning.

The development of Practice Perfect™ skills involves all aspects of playing music; ear training, physical technique on your instrument, and development of basic to advanced rhythm skills should also be in the mix as you work to perfect your musicianship. You may need other books from Muse Eek Publishing Inc. to master all of these skills. Please get in touch if that is the case. I often recommend other publications to use to strengthen some aspect of a student’s musicianship.

Practice Perfect™ Applied Ear Training Volume One Improves Your Musicianship

Volume One of the Practice Perfect™ Applied Ear Training is a collection of 12 different audio tracks were you are prompted to sing a specific degree in the key center. Below are some characteristics that all these tracks include:

  • All Movie Score Ear Training Exercises are in minor key centers though they may morph between different types of minor or even diminished at certain times
  • Most Movie Score Ear Training Exercises are meant for a beginner who is having troubles hearing in a minor key center. Though there are a few tracks that are more for an intermediate to advanced student. See examples below:
  • Most of these Movie Score Ear Training Exercises are around 2-3 minutes in length
  • Each Movie Score Ear Training Track has three different audio files. These tracks use either a soprano, alto or tenor voice which sings the answer.
  • Most of these Movie Score Ear Training Exercises are over a single harmony with a few exceptions.
  • Some tracks have moving melodic lines which are usually more difficult for beginners but are excellent for intermediate to advance ear training students.
  • All tracks are stylistically related to movie sound tracks with the vibe of action or suspense.

Preparing Yourself for Practice Perfect™ Applied Learning

Here are some ways to prepare yourself before beginning the exercises:

  • If you play an instrument have the instrument at hand even if you don’t play it as you do these exercises. Just its tactile proximity will make you think of how an exercise relates to it.
  • If you can play along with the audio tracks and also sing the notes when prompted will greatly increase the exercise’s effectiveness.
  • If you can do the exercises in different environments it will help with cognitive learning:
    • a. Try practicing in different rooms of your house.
    • b. Try practicing these Movie Score Ear Training Exercises with other musicians.
    • c. Try practicing these Movie Score Ear Training Exercises in front of other people.
    • d. Try practicing these Movie Score Ear Training Exercises at different times of the day.

Examples of the Movie Score Ear Training Tracks Found on Practice Perfect™ Applied Ear Training Volume One

Keep in mind that each of the 12 tracks has three different audio files. One MP3s where a soprano voice singing the answer and two others with Alto and Tenor singing the answers. There are various examples of all three of these below:

Excerpts from Practice Perfect™ Applied Ear Training Volume One:

  • Example One
  • Example Two
  • Example Three
  • Example Four
  • Example Five
  • Example Six
  • Example Seven
  • Example Eight
  • Example Nine
  • Example Ten
  • Example Eleven
  • Example Twelve

Practice Perfect™ Applied Ear Training Volume One Today!

Status: In stock, Digital book is available for immediate access.

What people are saying:

I love the whole idea of the Practice Perfect™ series. It only makes sense to practice ear training and other techniques in a applied environment. It is also a heck of a lot more fun! C. Wayne

I’m a person that absolutely hates rote exercises so this Practice Perfect™ series is “Perfect” for me. I can play my guitar and develop aural skills all at the same time. D. Gau

I’ve been using many of Muse-eek’s Direct Application books. This Practice Perfect™ series seems like a natural outgrowth of that concept. Keep em coming! T. Mann

I like this Volume One of this series because it concentrates on Minorish key centers something that I’m inherently weak at. Y. Cervanka

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