MetroDrone® App Help Page


All Purpose Practice Tool™

Welcome to the MetroDrone® App Help Page! You will find information on how to navigate the MetroDrone® App here and also advice on ways to use this all purpose practice tool ™. Remember if you have questions send us an email!

MetroDrone® App Function Questions

Q: I clicked on the the “Settings” menu on the top left side of the app and have no idea how to get back to using the MetroDrone®?

A: Just click on the MetroDrone® tab located on the top left of the page and you will be back on the main page to use the MetroDrone®.

Q: I clicked on the “Settings” menu and am wondering what the “test” function is for?

rA: The “test” function will allow you to hear a note to make sure your mobile device is passing sound to the speaker. If you hear sound then going back to the MetroDrone® via the MetroDrone® tab at the top left will allow you to start using the MetroDrone®. You probably won’t need to go there because you mobile device will more than likely work with the MetroDrone®.

Q: What is the “Bluetooth” MIDI setting in the MetroDrone®?

A: The “Bluetooth” MIDI function is only used in the upgrades of the basic MetroDrone®. It will allow you to play midifiles and then play a synchronized MetroDrone® beat as the midifile plays. Pretty cool idea!

Q: I’d like to play my own pieces and sync a MetroDrone® to it, or play music from the internet. Will that be a part of future releases?

A: Yes it will be. We think that will really make the MetroDrone® useful for any context where you want to work on ear training or develop better rhythmic abilities.

MetroDrone® App Use Ideas

The MetroDrone® isn’t called the “All Purpose Practice Tool™ for nothing! It can be used in a number of ways to strengthen your:

  • Ear Training Skills
  • Time Feel
  • Long Line Rhythm™
  • ability to “Feel Time not Count Time™

Ear Training Uses of the MetroDrone®

You can use the MetroDrone® as a way to hear within a key center by playing it in the background. This can be either in time with the exercise you are playing or out of time. Whether you play in or out of time usually is dictated by your current ability as a musician. But no worries; the longer you work with the MetroDrone® the more you will find ways to use it that will be beneficial to your musicianship. Below are some suggested uses:

  • If you are playing scales put the MetroDrone® on a beat where it is not sounding on every note you play. For instance if you are playing eighth notes, try having the MetroDrone® sound as a half note or a whole note. If you play a C Major scale: C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C the MetroDrone® sounds on beat “C” as you start the scale and then on “F” on beat 3 and then on “C” again as you work your way up the scale. Why is that important? You want to start feeling a larger pulse and not think about every note you play. With the MetroDrones® help, you will play scales much faster and with real accuracy. In order to play fast you have to think less. Think about it this way: if you run down a flight of stairs and look at each step while thinking about what your feet are doing, you will most likely stumble. By thinking about the end of the stairs and not each step, you can run down them with ease.