Jam Tracks Volume Four are backing tracks in all 12 keys for the Harmonic Major Scale Modesby Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing- Jam Tracks Series

Jam Tracks Volume Four

Harmonic Major Modes-Jam Tracks Volume Four

84 Jam Tracks covering All Seven Modes of Harmonic Major in all 12 Keys.

You Need to Apply Musical Concepts to Real Music

Jam Tracks are a crucial tool for your musical development and you need a variety of tracks so that your playing is not only well rounded but also keeping you inspired to practice. Playing along with a jam track is the FUN side of learning music. Take that scale or arpeggio from the printed page and bring it into the real world of music!

Jam Tracks for Harmonic Major.

With Jam Tracks Volume Four, you get the most comprehensive package of jam tracks ever created for the Harmonic Major Scale. All tracks have a funk vibe to them so they are super fun to play over and help you develop your 16th note feel.

Why Learn the Harmonic Major Modes.  Does Anybody use Them?

The answer is yes these modes are used a lot. As just static vamps you will often hear vamps either using the modes of Harmonic Major or the Harmonic Major Modes could be used as a superimposition.   In many cases the Harmonic Major modes are used over common Secondary Dominant chords.  Depending on how you hear those chords you would either think of the scale from the root of the chord or from the root of the key center.  The accompanying PDF will go through some of the common uses these modes. Certainly tunes like “Some Day My Prince Will Come” use two Harmonic Minor Modes just in the first four bars

What makes Jam Tracks Volume Four Special?

Students usually need a lot of work with 16th note grooves and this collection is jam packed with these type of grooves. In is also interesting to note that all the chord comping on these tracks are all done with an 016 pitch class set. The modes of Harmonic Major can all be expressed with 016 voicings. One of the interesting secrets to these interesting modes.

Here are some short examples of the 7 modes. Remember each of these jam tracks can be found in all 12 keys in this course.

Improve your playing, apply what you are learning and improve your ear all at the same time with Jam Tracks Volume Three

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