Jam Tracks Series-by-bruce-arnold-for-muse-eek-publishing-Inc-Jam Tracks Series

Jam Tracks Series

Jam Tracks Series

The Jam Tracks Series is a collection of five courses that gives you a wide variety of music to use to apply scales, arpeggios, approach notes or anything else to a musical situation. Arguably the most important you can do with anything you learn is to try to use it with real music so that you can ingrain the information. At Muse Eek we call this “changing the context.” If you change the “context” in which you apply something that you are practicing it will go deeper into your memory. Also by applying musical ideas to real music you now incorporate rhythm and all other aspects of music at the same time. This is crucial to getting to point of naturally using the any technique in a musical situation.

Within each course in the Jam Tracks Series you will see the tracks are included in all 12 keys. In most cases the included chord types cover the concept of the course in all common situations. By following the links below and listening to the examples you can get an pretty good idea of each course.

Jam Tracks Bundle-by-Bruce-Arnold-for-Muse-Eek-Publishing-Inc Jam Tracks Series-by-bruce-arnold-for-muse-eek-publishing-Inc-Jam Tracks Series

Jam Tracks Series Bundle

The Jam Tracks Series Bundle gets you all five books in this series as a digital download. By owning all five courses you give yourself the convenience of having a jam track available in all 12 keys for any situation you might need.

The BUNDLE includes the following courses

Buying all books separately who be approximately $100.00 USD. Get all five courses for 59.99 with the bundle for a limited time!

Status: In stock, Digital book is available for immediate access.

You Can Also By The Jam Track Series as Separate Volumes

If you want to find out more detailed information and hear examples for any of the courses in the Jam Track Series. Just click on the book covers below.

jam-tracks-volume-one-by-bruce-arnold-for-muse-eek-publishing-inc-Jam Tracks Series

Jam Tracks Volume One

Jam Tracks Volume One creates a real musical environment for learning music. This is a crucial ingredient because it helps you apply scales, arpeggios or anything else that will work over the most common chord types.

One of the most important activities in learning to play an instrument or improving your ear is applying your newly learned skills to an actual musical situation. For many students they can be the bridge between the printed page and the real world of music. That’s why Jam Tracks are a must own for anyone studying music. What makes our Jam Tracks unique is that each track is played in all 12 keys. This gives you 120 Jam Tracks in MP3 format that are ready for any chord sound you need to practice.

Jam Tracks Volume Two are backing tracks in all 12 keys by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing-Jam Tracks Series

Rhythms Volume Two

With Jam Tracks Volume Two, you get 10 progressions in all keys … these Jam Tracks lean heavily on the rock and funk side of things. There are many unique things about these jam tracks that you don’t usually find in other jam tracks.

  • Each track has been built in a way that allows you to put different kinds of scales over each track. This makes each track more useful because you can use it more than one way. There is a Scale Choice Playlist Guide PDF included to help you see the possibilities of each track …
  • 4/4 and 5/4 Jam Tracks are included to help you master odd time signature playing …
  • Each 5 minute jam track develops over time –it’s not just a boring loop– so you really feel like you’re playing with a band …

Jam Tracks Volume Three are backing tracks in all 12 keys by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing-Jam Track Series h2 class=”blue”>Jam Tracks Volume Three

264 Jam Tracks covering 22 Modes in all 12 Keys.

Jam Tracks are a crucial tool for your musical development and you need a variety of tracks so that your playing is not only well rounded but also keeping you inspired to practice. And playing along with a jam track is the FUN side of learning music. Take that scale or arpeggio from the printed page and bring it into the real world of music!

With Jam Tracks Volume Three, you get the most comprehensive package of jam tracks ever created. No other package gives you access to all the modern modes of music. 22 modes all 12 keys –do we need to say more? This covers all the common musical situations you will encounter in music. These Jam Tracks lean heavily on the latin and funk side of things. If you are a guitar player think Carlos Santana YES! Throw on some distortion and you can really rip with these tracks.

What makes Jam Tracks Volume Three special?

As many of you know there are 22 commonly used scales in modern music. These jam tracks cover them ALL in ALL keys. That’s 264 jam tracks! These tracks were created by one of the top programmers in the country, Marty Cutler, who you might know from his extensive writing in magazines such as Guitar Player and Electronic Musician. Known worldwide for his infectious grooves and hip drum programming, Marty hits the ball out of the park with this collection. Marty concentrated on the Latin side of music with jump out of your seat grooves. These grooves will keep you inspired, making it hard to stop practicing and improvising.

Remember, applying the things you learn is where your music really starts to happen. Bring scales, arpeggios and other musical techniques that you are learning to life! Apply them in any key, with tracks that are bursting with rhythm and groove – These tracks will definitely help you ingrain your musical knowledge in a practical and permanent way

Jam Tracks Volume Four are backing tracks in all 12 keys for the Harmonic Major Scale Modes by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing- Jam Tracks Series

Harmonic Major Modes-Jam Tracks Volume Four

With Jam Tracks Volume Four, you get the most comprehensive package of jam tracks ever created for the Harmonic Major Scale. All tracks have a funk vibe to them so they are super fun to play over and help you develop your 16th note feel.

Why Learn the Harmonic Major Modes. Does Anybody use Them?

The answer is yes these modes are used a lot. As just static vamps you will often hear vamps either using the modes of Harmonic Major or the Harmonic Major Modes could be used as a superimposition. In many cases the Harmonic Major modes are used over common Secondary Dominant chords. Depending on how you hear those chords you would either think of the scale from the root of the chord or from the root of the key center. The accompanying PDF will go through some of the common uses these modes. Certainly tunes like “Some Day My Prince Will Come” use two Harmonic Minor Modes just in the first four bars

Pure Country Jam Tracks are Country Music backing tracks in all keys by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company Jam Tracks Series

Pure Country Jam Tracks Major Modes

Pure Country Jam Tracks contains 84 tracks. Strengthen your musicianship by working through all keys.

Pure Country Jam Tracks Help You in Many Ways:

  • You can simply have some fun and jam over some easy Country Jam Tracks that will put a smile on your face.
  • If you love country music, you can play along with these Country Jam Tracks i.e. backing tracks and improve your chops in your favorite style.
  • They help a country musician master playing in all 12 keys using the Major Modes or other modes of their choosing… never worry about forgetting to bring your capo!
  • The exercises will stretch your musicianship by challenging you to play in modes and keys not often associated with Country Music.
  • They provide simple backing tracks that don’t have complicated harmony and rhythm, while establishing the sound of a key center.
  • Country Jam Tracks help you apply things like scales and arpeggios to a real music situation thus bringing you one step closer to actually performing music.
  • If you would rather use Major and Minor Pentatonic with these tracks they work great! See directions below.

Music Education Genealogy Chart

You might find the “Music Education Genealogy Chart” located on Bruce Arnold’s artist website interesting. You will clearly see the historic progression of pedagogy that is the basis for Muse Eek Publishing Products. Great musicians throughout history have been studying the ideas presented by Muse-eek.com which derives its content from a a lineage that stretches back to Scarlatti!