Time Transformation by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Time Transformation

Forward looking approach to improvisation.

This book is meant for the student who wants to move past the commonly used melodic, rhythmic and phrasing patterns and explore a new type of improvisation based on contemporary ideas of pitch class set improvisation, odd phrasing, and time level superimposition.

This book explores multiple aspects of contemporary music through highly targeted etudes. On the surface level it contains:

  • Sight Reading etudes in all keys centers
  • Etudes in 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 and 7/4 time signatures

Each etude is a gateway to exploring:

  • Contemporary melodic concepts as expressed through hexatonic scales and trichord melodic construction.
  • Contemporary phrasing patterns crucial to new improvisation concepts.
  • Complex rhythmic ideas such as improvising on a different rhythmic levels.

Downloadable MP3 supply the key to advanced study with this book.

All etudes have corresponding MP3 files files which can be downloaded free of charge from the muse-eek.com website. These MP3s are the key to understanding the depth of these etudes.

The basic MP3s allow you to hear the tonal center as a background to facilitate an understanding of the melodic lines in a real musical situation.

Superimposed rhythmic levels are the key to a newer approach to improvisation.

The advanced MP3s present you with modal vamps that have a superimposed metronome clicks in another meter . This allows the student to play each etude in a superimposed rhythmic level.

An Example of this approach.

For instance you will hear a chord progression in 4/4 but a metronome click that is playing 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 clicks per measure. This prompts you to read each etude as a time superimposition over the original vamp progression. This kind of study leads to mastery of the complex rhythmic soloing ideas commonly used in contemporary improvisation.



  • Digital Edition IBSN: 978-1-59489-793-1
  • 620 pages with downloadable MP3s for additional applications.





  • I recommend this to advanced musicians. I’ve studied this book in private lessons with Mr. Arnold and since most of you haven’t had that privilege, let me give you a major tip. Try playing all exercises over a minor chord vamp. This is so you hear the melodic lines that go in and out of the key center as well as the advanced phrasing of each line. The extra MP3s can be used to play along with the exercise or to read it on another rhythmic level. For instance let’s say you playing an MP3 to plays a groove in 4/4 but then you hear a click that is outlining every 3 eighth notes as the new quarter note. You would then read through the exercise using the new quarter and you are effectively playing on a new rhythmic level. It sounds completely cool and boosts your rhythmic skills. F. Morán
  • I initially got this book to read in 3/4, 5/4 and 7/5 because there is so little literature out there that covers these time signatures. The MP3s are great because you can play grooves as you read through the exercises. That makes it more interesting and gives you insights into these modern melodies. H. Djurhuus
  • There is so little instruction out there about modern intervallic melodies! I’m thrilled that I found Time Transformation. G. De Luca.
  • Don’t get this book if you are not a fanatic, ’cause you’ll spend many years working with it. I’m a fanatic though :-) I emailed Mr. Arnold some questions about how to approach the exercises (It says all over the website and in the books that you can do this, so what the hell, I did) and he actually took the time to give me a practice regimen that is giving my brain a good workout. G. Claessen.



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  • Each student has different goals and reasons for working with the Time Transformation for recommendations for further study please contact Mr. Arnold at the link at bottom of page.



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