Improvisation Digital Bundle One Jam Tracks

This Digital downloadable bundle contains the following courses:

  • Jam Tracks Volume One
  • Jam Tracks Volume Two
  • Jam Tracks Volume Three

Improvisation Digital Bundle One Jam Tracks give you a wide variety of Jam Tracks to apply just about any type of technique or style you may be working on. Jam Tracks provide a direct application of learned techniques, which is arguably the most overlooked aspect of learning and playing music. All 12 keys –another must– are provided, and the tracks use various styles of music to stretch your stye and technique in many genres. These 3 volumes of Jam Tracks are excellent in all of these important distinctions and are essential for any serious musician. Application of techniques and jamming with Jam Tracks is also FUN so don’t overlook this important aspect of your musicianship. Jump in and Jam!

Improvisation Digital Bundle One Jam Tracks will do the following:

  • Develop your melodic and rhythmic skills with any technical study you are practicing.
  • Hone your sense of rhythm and time.
  • Develop on understanding of what scale, arpeggio etc… works with various chord(s)
  • Develop your musicality when playing music.
  • Help you to develop a good “feel” when playing with others.
  • Help you hear harder tonal centers through real world application.
  • Point out which musical “feels” are natural for you and which need more work.
  • Give you a release from technical work so that you can express the music inside of you.
  • Develop your ability to play any technique in any key.

Purchasing all Three Volumes of Muse Eek Jam Tracks would usually cost 59.97 but with this bundle you get all Three Volumes for 44.99!

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Improvisation Digital Bundle One Jam Tracks

Jam Tracks Three Volume Bundle

If you want to get a head start toward becoming a world class musician, there’s only one way to do it. You need to JAM! Let’s be honest even if you’ve learned all your scales, chords, notes, theory etc. –all that means NOTHING if you can’t play along with other musicians.

Jam Tracks by Bruce Arnold gives you that experience by presenting 120 jam tracks in all the 12 keys and in a wide variety of styles of music. So whether you’re into rock, jazz, funk or blues this is for you. And because they are jam tracks you can play with them for as long as you like and your “bandmates” will never complain that you’re hogging the solos!

Jam tracks also help develop your ear as you play over them, as you get more and more used to being able to identify all the elements of each musical situation you’re in. And that’s a must for any serious musician.

So if you’ve been waiting to perfect that Hungarian gypsy scale or that Harmonic minor scale that you just learned, this is the perfect place to do it.

Jam Tracks Volume One gives you jam tracks in any key with tons of different styles!

Jam Tracks Volume Two

With Jam Tracks Volume Two you get 10 progressions in all keys (120 Jam Tracks!) that lean heavily on the rock and funk side of things.. These Jam Tracks are based on Pitch Class Sets so you get a interesting twist in the harmonic framework. These are excellent tracks to use if you are working on Bruce Arnold’s Pitch Class Set Improvisation Books! Each 5 minute jam track develops over time –it’s not just a boring loop– so you really feel like you’re playing with a band.

Jam Tracks Volume Three

264 Jam Tracks covering 22 Modes in all 12 Keys so it is an excellent collection if you are working on the Essential Scales Book, New York Guitar Method. These Jam Tracks include all the modes of Major, Melodic Minor Ascending, Three Symmetrical Scales and 2 modes of Harmonic Minor, Major and Minor Pentatonic and of course the Blues Scale.

Here are some excerpts from the Jam Tracks Volume One:



Dominant 7

Here are some excerpts from the Jam Tracks Volume Two:

Track One

Track Two

Track Three

Here are some excerpts from the Jam Tracks Volume Three:

Major Mode

Dorian Mode

Phrygian Mode

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