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Big Metronome

The Big Metronome

The Big Metronome

This book develops your ability to "Feel Time not Count Time" through a series of exercises and audio files you will develop an internal sense of time.

The Big a must own for any instrumentalist.

This book is part of a series of books which are designed to teach a student:

  • How to develop a better internal sense of time.
  • Feel music on a more macro level.
  • Develop an innate sense of musical form.
  • Develop a more natural feel that breathes with the music.

"Feel Time" Don't "Count Time."

All this is accomplished by requiring the student to "feel time" Don't "count time." This course is filled with numerous exercises and comes with audio files to play along with each exercise. You can also learn more about this concept of feeling time and not counting time by checking out the Long Line Rhythm course. There is also MetroDrone® which combines a drone with a metronome that can accomplish many of the same techniques used in The Big Metronome but also contains an ear training component.

Audio Files

Each audio track for The Big Metronome gives you a two bar count off and then a click every measure, two measures or four measures. As this pulse happens at wider and wider periods of time it requires the student to rely more and more on their own internal sense of time.

Additional Audio Files

Although The Big Metronome does contain 3 CDs worth of audio files in the ebook. You could also purchase MP3s for all metronome markings with a click for either every measure, two measure and four measures. It is recommended that you also purchase these additional MP3 audio downloads so that you have more options when working on the ideas presented in this course. The "Big Metronome Bundle" contains over 45 hours of MP3s with every traditional metronome marking with every macro beat up to 8. This is a huge resource and highly recommended to get the most out of this book and time concept. See information on this download at the bottom of this page.

  • Digital Edition IBSN: 978-1-59489-785-6
  • 3 folders of audio in MP3 format with the digital version

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What people are saying:

  • The Big Metronome and the Doing Time Series were recommended to me a few years back by my drum instructor. They both really helped me get a feel for a larger sense of form, and that led to much more freedom in my soloing and how I approach an overall feel. D. Hernández
  • The Big Metronome has completely changed my perception of time. Over the last few months I've gotten to the point that I can use 20 clicks a minute and keep time while playing chords. The book has lots of ideas on time and also how to use the ideas. R. Hasanov
  • I was always OK playing in time with the metronome. Take the metronome away and I was all over the place. I contacted Bruce about my time problems and he recommended The Big Metronome My opinion is although this book is for a more advanced student that understands basic rhythms, learning the "idea" is important for all musicians. I spend most of my time sight reading through Rhythms Volume One and Rhythms Volume Two with different click combinations. This has really helped me not to speed up and slow down. The Big Metronome has really helped me. F. Mészáros

Recommended books to use with The Big Metronome

What should I work on after The Big Metronome?

  • Each student has different goals and reasons for working with the The Big Metronome for recommendations for further study please contact Mr. Arnold at the link at bottom of page.

Additional Audio Files for Big Metronome

Over the years we have had many requests for additional audio files to cover different tempos and different time signatures so that students could use these files in multiple situations. We have therefore created an additional download of MP3 audio files that will aid you in your development.

The Big Metronome Bundle gives you additional files not found in the Big Metronome download. The bundle contain about 40 Audio CDs worth of files. Keep in mind that bundles are rather large files and the download could take a few minutes.

Big Metronome Additional Files Bundle

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