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Muse-Eek is your one stop shop for Bruce Arnold’s entire catalog, all for direct purchase or digital download.

Muse-Eek contains both Bruce Arnold's educational and artistic projects which include Books, DVDs and CDs in both physical and digital download formats. Please check each page for the available formats for each product. The music and educational products found on this site represent the methods Bruce has developed over the last 35 years while teaching at some of the world's most prestigious musical institutions. The music courses found within are meant for a complete beginner through an advanced student.

Bruce Arnold's recordings feature an eclectic mix of genres from straight ahead jazz through electronica, rock and beyond. There are MP3 samples of all CDs on each product page. Bruce has also been very fortunate to play with many wonderfully talented musicians over the years, many of whom can be heard on the 40 plus recordings found on this website. Bruce's applications of pitch class set theory to contemporary genres has give him a signature sound that is unmistakably his very own, and he brings a passionate dedication to music to every project he undertakes.

Every Purchase at Muse-Eek Comes With A Full Membership Access

A complete support library with hundreds of video and audio files stepping you through your learning experience.