Ear Training Heavy Metal Guitar by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Heavy Metal Ear Training.... Recommended Starting Place for Rock Guitarists!

Status: In stock, Digital book is available for immediate access.

Two killer courses: Heavy Metal Ear Training and Perfect Pitch Ear Training Heavy Metal Guitar.

Ear Training skills is what is between you and a rock master!

Heavy Metal Ear Training

Developing your ability to instantly identify the sound of any note in a key center.

Would you like to recreate note-for-note - searing lead solos played by the masters of rock and heavy metal? And do so without messing with inaccurate tab that's impossible to play - or attempting to painstakingly transcribe the solos yourself?

Develop a Master Musician's Ear

So much of your ability on the guitar depends upon how you LISTEN and HEAR music. In order to master what you hear, and reproduce it yourself - you have to develop what I call the "Master Musician's Ear" which can be gained through the Contextual Based Ear Training Method

Get a Black Belt in Ear Training!

If Rock and Heavy Metal are your thing then developing your ear training with the sounds of those genres is the way go. In other words if you're a MetalHead who wants to be great at hearing pitches accurately, so you can reproduce them, the best idea is to train your ear WITH the HEAVY METAL sound. In fact, scientific studies show that the ease and accuracy of the information we recall is dependent upon how we hear and learn it in the first place. This is precisely the training you get with the Heavy Metal Ear Training One Note download. You'll earn a Black Belt in recognizing pitches using screaming, distorted guitar sounds through this unique "Contextual Based Ear Training System."

What contained in the method.

With the Heavy Metal Ear TrainingHeavy Metal Ear Training each MP3 contains a power chord cadence on distorted guitar followed by one screaming note from the awesome Music Man doubleneck 24 fret guitar. There are 3 levels for this method to slowly work you up from Beginning Ninja to Master Ear destroyer. Depending on your ability you can start with the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Developing this ear training method will help you to instantly recognize speed metal licks and follow your favorite tunes without having to find the notes on your guitar.

Get book and audio files with the download.

This download also contains a book to help you understand the method and get you on your way to killer ears.

Digital IBSN: 978-1-59489-665-1

3 Levels 49 MP3s per level and 39 page PDF

Status: In stock, Digital book is available for immediate access.

Heavy Metal Ear Training

Perfect Pitch... YES you can learn it!

Many people aren't aware that perfect pitch can be learned, but it can. By definition, perfect pitch is the ability to recognize the sound and identity of a note by itself, without using another pitch or key center as a reference. Using Heavy Metal Ear Training and the accompanying MP3s will get you there. There are 196 MP3s contained in this download. A 24 fret guitar was used and the there are 4 different lengths of 7, 5, 3, and 2 second files. The differing time lengths allow you to tailor your practice to your own daily schedule, and to create your own exercise regimen. Explanations guide you into a productive work method, one that has been successfully used by the author in his 30 year career as a music instructor. Perfect Pitch ear training can be used by students with little or no prior musical training. Since the audio files are MP3s you will need an MP3 player, preferably a portable one, to get the most out of the course. With discipline, motivation and patience, you can have perfect pitch.

Learning Perfect Pitch is not a hard concept to grasp but take daily dedication

You might be surprised to find that the PDF containing instructions is only five pages long with this book. Perfect Pitch is really about keeping sound in your short term memory and doing a few simple exercises every day. Students on average take about 2 years to develop perfect pitch on one instrument. If you want perfect pitch with the sound of a heavy metal guitar then this is the course for you.

Do the exercises anywhere you can listen to a MP3 player

The secret to remembering sound is to think of it in the right way and do it consistently every day. With the included MP3s you can practice your Perfect Pitch Ear Training anywhere you can strap on a pair of ear buds!

Get Perfect Pitch Ear Training Heavy Metal Guitar today and get going with improving your ears!

Digital IBSN: 978-1-59489-668-2

196 MP3s, 5 page PDF

Status: In stock, Digital book is available for immediate access.




  • I got the Perfect Pitch Ear Training Heavy Metal Guitar about 2 months ago and using the singing exercises I've memorized 2 notes, E and A. This has really helped me to hear when a song is in the key of E or A which happens a lot with the music I most listen to. As far as the method goes, the book presents you with some simple exercises to do each day. I've also been in contact with Mr. Arnold with a lot of questions and he was very cool about answering them. Having someone there to bounce your concerns off of really helped me see how I should proceed. I'd say if you have an extra hour a day to do the exercises in the book you will see amazing progress. A. Robinson
  • I purchased Perfect Pitch Ear Training Heavy Metal Guitar and the Perfect Pitch Ear Training Heavy Metal Guitar at the same time. I contacted Bruce and found out that he doesn't really recommend a beginner start with both kinds of ear training at the same time unless they have at least 2 hours of day to practice just ear training. He explained that if I had the time I could do it but it's a little easier to tackle one kind of ear training at a time so that you can concentrate on the unique way you need to memorize sound with each method. I'm glad I contacted him because otherwise I might have gotten frustrated and just given up. V. Nguyen
  • Been working on the Perfect Pitch Ear Training Heavy Metal Guitar for about 1 year. I'm up to about 80% right answers when I quiz myself with the ear training files. Haven't been able to implement it much with music as it goes by in real time. I contacted Mr. Arnold about this and he suggested a bunch of different exercises to help me apply the perfect pitch to real music. This is starting to pay off little by little. I think the main thing that people have to realize about this course is that memorizing sound is a combination of being diligent and doing the practice exercises every day. W. Rodríguez
  • I'm doing pretty good with the Heavy Metal Ear Training Course. The guitar sound is KILLER real ear candy for me. Now, if my experience is anything to go by, and you have lots of questions, you should definitely check out the FAQs for the regular ear training because no matter what your question is, someone has probably already asked it. It's a big section, but what that tells me is that I am not alone, and lot of other folks have had similar issues. But if you can't find your question there, give Bruce a call, he's totally cool with it, which I think is pretty great. F. Castelo





  • Each student has different goals and reasons for working with the Heavy Metal Ear Training. Recommendations for further study please contact Mr. Arnold at the link at bottom of page.



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