Harmonic Analysis

Harmonic Analysis

Harmonic Analysis is one of the core courses of the Bruce Arnold method..

Have you ever listened to a song you loved and wondered how the writer knew all those chords that sounded so great? Have you ever tried to compose a song, but found yourself running through the same familiar, simple chords all the time?  Or do you dream of playing great solos over complex progressions?  --Or being in demand as a bassist, guitarist or pianist?

If these sound like familiar desires to you, here is the course that will take you to your dreams. I've been wanting to take on this crucial chunk of music for a long time, and I've finally put it into a course that I think will really change your musicianship.

Understanding the concepts presented enables you to analyze any chord progression, giving you tremendous power to write and improvise music. This Harmonic Analysis book will help you to:

  • Understand how a chord progression is built.
  • Re-harmonize a chord progression.
  • De-harmonize a chord progression.
  • Create new bass lines through re-harmonization.
  • Understand how you can use harmony as a soloist.
  • Understand how you can use harmony as an accompanist.
  • Immediately recognize chord relationships, thus facilitating the memorization of chord progressions.
  • Understand how multiple chords may have the same function. This allows the grouping of chords into one function, facilitating easier soloing over complex chord changes and the ability to change chord progressions to give greater variety.

Learning and mastering the aforementioned techniques will totally change your understanding of music and allow you to be more creative.

The Harmonic Analysis course gives you a PDF and 48 videos to help learn and apply the harmonic knowledge needed to understand the structure of western music. You will get

  • 12 Videos discussing each important aspect of harmonic analysis.
  • A PDF which also discusses each important aspect of harmonic analysis to make sure you understand each concept
  • Worksheets for 12 keys of a Blues, Minor Blues and "Rhythm Changes."
  • 12 Videos showing one for each key of the Blues discussing in detail the proper harmonic analysis.
  • 12 Videos showing one for each key of the Minor Blues discussing in detail the proper harmonic analysis.
  • 12 Videos showing one for each key of the "Rhythm Changes" discussing in detail the proper harmonic analysis.

A course of study that starts from a beginners level and takes a student to understand the most complex chord progressions.

Many subjects about harmonic analysis which are hard or impossible to find are discussed including:

  • Harmonic Re-harmonization
  • Tritone Substitution
  • Strength of Each Dominant Resolution
  • Adding a ii Minor Chord to a V7
  • Dominant 7th Resolution Tendency
  • Adding Tensions to chords
  • Diatonic Chords
  • Substitutions Based on Harmonic Area
  • Substitutions Based on Passing Diminished
  • Substitutions Based on Chord Tones and Tensions
  • The connection between Good Harmony and Good Melody
  • Harmony as a Language
  • Delayed Resolution

Learning and mastering the aforementioned techniques will totally change your understanding of music and allow you to be more creative.


  • Digital Edition IBSN: 978-1-59489-616-3
  • 72 Page PDF
  • 48 HD Videos explaining concepts and answers for each exercise.

  • I read the pre-release of this book and it's the clearest explanation of western harmony I've seen to date. The combination of the extensive PDF and the videos are a winning combination F. Johns
  • Leave it Bruce to hit it out of the park with the Harmonic Analysis course. Written so a beginner can understand it yet an advance player can learn a logical way to think about Harmony. H. Hanson
  • This is an absolutely huge course. 4 gigs worth of harmonic information. I'll be at this one for awhile G. Kelly.
  • I've been working on these chord progressions with Bruce in Skype lessons. I very glad now to have the videos and PDF so that I can really spend the time analyzing my mistakes and see other relationships that Bruce points out in the videos. G. Tomaz.

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