Guide Tones

Guide Tones

Theory, Application and Aural Comprehension

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The secret to playing and hearing melodies over chord progressions

Do you want to learn the secret to playing and hearing melodies over chord progressions? If you’ve been knocking your head against the wall for years and not getting anywhere when trying to play over more than one chord, this “Guide Tones” course is your answer. Creating great melodic solos over chord progressions is one of the toughest nuts to crack. The “Guide Tones” Course breaks through these barriers by presenting you with a logical, holistic approach to developing this skill.

Totally change your understanding of how to play over chord progressions!

This “Guide Tones” class is quite simply the key that opens the door to playing over chord progressions! This massive course contains all the elements you need to understand, apply and hear the melodic lines that make sense over simple or complex chord changes. As you can see below, you get everything you need to take a beginner, intermediate or advanced student to a level where they are truly hearing melodies in a key center, even if the progression contains highly complex chords. Here’s what you get:

  • 15 Videos and one 113 page PDF on the theory and application of guide tones.
  • How to apply guide tone lines to chord progressions with 192 chord progression examples.
  • An extensive ear training section which includes ground breaking theory on how to “hear” guide tones and 192 MP3s to use to develop your ability to hear and play guide tone lines.
  • 36 Chord Progressions with four examples of guide tone lines each which shows you how these melodies work with both simple and advanced chord changes.
  • Midi files of all exercises and recommendations on how to use these files to develop your skills.
  • Backing Tracks in a Blues/Jazz style for 36 chord progressions at 3 different tempos.
  • Backing Tracks in a Funk Style for 36 chord progressions
  • Walking Bass Backing Tracks in a Blues/Jazz Style for 36 chord progressions

A Course for Any Style of Music

No matter what style of music you like, working with this course will develop your ability to solo over chord changes in just about any genre. The book shows you the relationships between the chords you are working with and those in popular pop tunes, demonstrating how applying yourself to this course makes for better solos on any chord changes in any style.

Guide Tones is one of the Core Courses of the Bruce Arnold System..

The “Guide Tones” course show you how to hear melodies in a key center throughout a piece of music. This simple way of hearing melodies as they relate to a key center and not the interval between each note is actually revolutionary. Without this kind of understanding your ability to play beautiful melodies within a key center will be drastically hampered. This course will also teach you how to identify the notes that are being played when you hear a simple melody moving through complex chord changes. This course also takes you from very simple Blues, Minor Blues and Rhythm Changes to highly sophisticated examples.

Common Questions

  • Quite a few of you have been asking me “what is the best way to practice with the Guide Tones Course?”  Here are some recommendations.
  • First, the Full MetroDrone® course is a super helpful tool to use in conjunction with the Guide Tones course, and gives you the most options in the long run.  I have included a few MetroDrones already to get you started, but you will eventually want to speed up your ability, which will require the Full MetroDrone® Course.  Depending on your level you could start each Guide Tone line exercise differently and over time you might start skipping some steps as you improve.
  • Here is a ground-up approach.
  • Sing the Guide Tone line over a MetroDrone®: pick a tempo or use the included MetroDrone® files. If using the full MetroDrone® course pick a tempo that allows you to sing one note per MetroDrone® pulse.
  • If you are not sure you are singing correctly use the MetroDrone® with the note and name addition which is included in the course to check your intonation.  When possible try to sing the note before the tone and answer are given.
  • Once comfortable with 1-2 Try to sing the Guide Tone line over the chord changes.  You can do this multiple ways.
  • Here is a list from easy to difficult.
  • Sing along with the Guide Tone MP3 with chords which will give you both the note and the answer in the key center.
  • Sing along with the Guide Tone MP3 with chords only.
  • Sing along with the Guide Tone MP3 with bass and chords in a Funk Style.
  • Sing along with the Guide Tone MP3 with bass line.
  • Things to remember:
  • You are trying to hear all notes in the key center, NOT in relationship to the chords.
  • I recommend using solfeggio for the singing, but note names or degrees can work too.
  • Try to master one Guide Tone Line per week.  You should be able to do this with about 15 minutes of study each day.
  • Try to also apply the Guide Tone Line using your chosen instrument so that you start to improvise around the Guide Tone Line.
  • Keep in mind:
  • The “Guide Tones” Course is teaching you how to hear melodies over changing chords. This will transform your ability and understanding of playing and hearing chord progressions.
  • Be patient! For some of you who are getting only around 50% correct answers on the One Note Ear Training, it will be tougher, but remember that it is getting you to understand how to hear with chord changes, which is important to your understanding of music in general. So don’t rush, just learn at your own speed.
  • Most music uses the same kinds of chord progressions over and over, as is demonstrated with the pop tunes mentioned in the course.  So learn one Guide Tone line, and  it will actually work over many chord progressions, in many songs. So by mastering one Guide Tone line you will have done a lot to help you hear music.


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Status: In stock, Digital book is available for immediate access.

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